Monday, 20 December 2010

A White Christmas!

U.K is blanketed with snow. It is Christmas week and seen in a traditional Bing Crosby Winterland it is exciting that we will have a white Christmas. This idea of a white Christmas bothers me though (I digress) If Jesus was born in the hot climes of Israel, where does snow fit in? I am sure it doesn't snow in those parts of the world at Christmas times.

Back to my musings on UK being blanketed with snow, on Christmas week. This year I have left my Christmas shopping to the last minute, I am not particularly stressed about it, but I now have the added problem of snow stopping me whizz round the shops. I have to wait for my partner to take me in his Land Rover, which ploughs effortlessly through any terrain.

I could stand in the cold, waiting for a bus that may or may not come. But, I am not that desperate or willing to get frost bite. So, what I usually do when I have too much time at hand, I start to look at things in more interesting ways. Maybe, this is called inner sight, clear vision, or just something I have developed out of being easily bored.

Watching the News this morning, there was a clip of an angry 'Gentleman' very irate, at Heathrow Airport, not been told when he will be able to fly to Australia. He was incensed that there was not enough information at what was happening.

I tried to be sympathetic, but then (after a second of forced sympathy) I screamed at the T.V, 'It's the weather, you can't blame the information desk, the weather is a force you cannot control.'

After my little rant, my thought juices were running free, and I felt saddened at how humanity is so 'me', 'me', 'me'. It is Christmas, a time of peace and love and there is little seen around us.

But on saying that, I have seen some wonderful acts of kindness in the roads of Birmingham UK. There have been people struggling in their cars and other motorists have been jumping out of their cars to give them a push.

So, the snow coming on Christmas week, is it an inconvenience, or is it a time to get back into our hearts?

I looked back at my blog post for last year's Christmas and I find it fitting to end with the conclusion I wrote last year,

'I, on some 'soul' level have made peace with all the other Christmas' in the past and come to some acceptance, that this is a day where we need to be fully present. Maybe that's what giving presents mean, and also receiving them. It is about being in the moment, the here and now. Savouring the happy moment(s) and for that moment in time being transported to the real meaning of Christmas - Love, peace and gratitude!

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and a Prosperous New Year full of abundance for all


Sunday, 5 December 2010

New Moon Message!

Say what you mean,
Show what you know,
Do what you believe,
Love as you grow!

Monday, 18 October 2010

What If.......?

What if, we are here on planet Earth to experience all that is?
What if, this is the only place in the Universe where we are privileged to experience it all, the good and the bad?
What if, we are in control of what we experience, and all that happens to us is created from our thoughts?
What if we are the masters of our world?
What if, we came here to Earth fully aware that it is our responsibility what we choose?
What if, we came to this planet fully equipped with an internal guidance system, which would help us choose the best feeling experiences?
What if, the internal guidance system are our feelings; good feeling feelings means we are creating things we want, not so good feeling feelings means we are creating things we do not want?
What if the things we don't want are also useful?
What if these unwanted things help us know what it is we do want?
What if, all we have to do to have all we want; health,wealth,happiness and love, is to focus ONLY on what we want?
What if our thoughts are really so powerful that they do create our reality?
What if what we are thinking today is creating our future?
What if what we were thinking in the past has created our present?
What if we really do have a choice?
What if it is we who create our heaven or hell here on Earth?
What if............?

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A New Begining!

I'm back!!!!!

I have been on a private journey, practising what I have been preaching more or less and finding bits of myself I left behind, or was too scared to look at.

I have read some more, practised some more, forgiven some more and let go some more. Am I whole?

I was always whole, this is the most important lesson I have learnt; that the true essence of who we are; is and always was and will be whole and perfect.

I have re-membered that to become whole we need to separate in order to come back together.

We live in a world of separateness, or the illusion that we are separate, but in actual fact we are all ONE; as the body is made of many parts, they are not of much use by them selves, even though they are important in their own right, they are made to work together as ONE.

I have reflected more on the Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle, and read some other inspirational books on the law of attraction, and the conclusion I have come to, is that all wisdom is true.

Truth IS, it is always the same. There are many routes to it but Truth does not move, it waits patiently for you to accept this fact.

I can read something and see the truth in parts of it, I can dismiss other parts, but what is important the truth is there to be seen, whether we can see it or not.

When I have seen it, I know it to be real (true) for my heart sings. I feel some resonance, as if my heart is tuned into the same frequency.

There have been times when I have read something that does not resonate with me. Does this mean it is not true, or is it that I cannot see the truth. Truth is there, you have reached insight when you are able to see through the words. For behind it all is truth, waiting patiently to be reached.

I have also been re-learning, about who I really am. I have found the truth, again through words, as this is my medium of enlightenment. To others it may be something else.

I have come to see that I am not really just my body, my name, my culture, my religion, my sex, my marital status etc. I am part of the Divine. I am more Divine than all the rest of these parts.

I have also come to see that when I am in alignment with this bigger part of who I am, my life works. There still are similar situations, problems and issues, but the difference is that I am not been washed up by the waves. I can ride the waves and still be at peace.


- By waking up each day from the starting point of wholeness and not lack.
- By looking at all the possible things that can go right today, than hold on to all that went wrong yesterday, and think more of the same today.
- By honoring my feelings, feeling the power they evoke inside me, trusting that I will not be engulfed by them, and breathing, whilst they gently subside.
- By understanding that at the end of an unhappy moment/event there is an opportunity for a happy outcome.

The above can be explained as follows:

If everything in this life is made up of opposites then the opposite of sadness is happiness. There is a variation of both these feelings/situations as there is variation in the hues of colour.

So on a scale of happiness/sadness it could look as below:


As you walk on the the path towards happiness, you can experience sadness and along the path there is pain, anger, frustration and all the rest that can make us unhappy. The important thing to remember is that at the other end if you continue there is peace, which is happiness.

Surrender is not giving in to the situation or circumstance, it is an acceptance, a letting go of, and this gives you the opportunity to forgive, which is to fully release the past, leaving just peace.

Along this journey of life, we will be taking steps forward and then seemingly fall backward into pain. We can choose to stay at any point, we can bring in surrender at any point, we can forgive at any point. We don't have to ignore the hurt and frustration, just accept it, this helps for the biggest transformation.

Life offers many opportunities to find peace in all situations. It may seem a pointless venture since there is this situation of duality/opposites going on. But each time you forgive, you have put yourself on a higher level of understanding and consciousness.

You now have more awareness and more power of your actions. From this new awareness, you can reach peace quicker, as you are embodying more peace. You are being more of who you really are. You are aligned to the Divine, and the Divine is LOVE!!!

With an awareness that you are essentially made up of love, the more connected you feel to this part of you, the more peace you will see all around you.

So, here are my lessons, for now. I hope through these words you are able to see the truth. I hope you can see your own light shining through!

'A man should look for what is and not what he thinks should be'
Albert Einstein

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Goodbye - time for change!!!

As I was in the bath, I was thinking about what I wanted to write as my next post. I thought of doing a series of posts with the title 'What do I think?' and with each post put a different topic and write about my pearls of wisdom picked up on my journey of life.

I went through various titles in my mind; friendship, relationships, love. I had snapshot memories from childhood to date showing how things I have learnt have shaped my experiences and how this has changed my perceptions.

I thought about changing the blog title, and a word kept pushing it's way to the forefront of my consciousness - Quintessence!

Quintessence - OXFORD pocket dictionary meaning 1.'The most essential part of something'
2. 'a perfect example of a quality.'

I tried other names in my head, such as essentially me, The real Christina Christou, Who am I?

With each title I had an issue. Me, I, Christina Christou, these are parts of who I am, I want the essential part, the perfect example of the the quality of that essential part.

I then went into ego mode - But what about my mentoring? What about the the angels? What about all the work I have put into trying to build my mentoring programme???

I spent over an our soaking in the bath, letting my ego fight it out whilst the quintessence of my being kept quiet, waiting patiently for the ego to burn itself out.

Then it came to me as quick as a flash of lightening - I was being guided to release my blog,to let it go.

Who was I being guided by? My Angels?


This guidance was not external to me, it was inside me - it was my inner guidance!

Time to move on, grow up, take responsibility for my transformation!

It felt like I had passed the first initiation step and was moving on, with less help, being pushed to rely, not on myself as such, but to have faith and trust in something bigger than myself, angels, others.

Even though the guidance was internal, it felt not of me, but I felt a part of it - is this what it is to feel God's presence?

So, I am going to leave this blog, which I created out of love and hope. I have learnt many things through it, with it, without it. I have met some wonderful people, enjoyed their comments, and read some amazing blogs through it.

I have come face to face with some of my insecurities- the need for acceptance, approval, to make a mark, to feel needed and worthwhile.

Ultimately, I have been able to share what I have learnt along the way, sometimes revealing parts of myself, sometimes just hiding behind other's quotes or teachings. I have learnt from others but I have learnt more from my reactions to other's comments, or no comments.

In my last post, I mentioned a comment that set these changes in motion. Did she set them, or did she just give me the final push I needed to take flight?

I want to meet the wonderful being I am and truly face all that I have being offering to others. I have an incessant need to help others 'know' things, maybe I need to explore this a little further, what does this say about myself?

Maybe, all I will find is that this is my calling and that I should relax and get on with it, or maybe I may find something else.

I feel quite excited as I am surrendering to the moment, I don't know what I'm going to do, I don't even know what this all means, but what I do know is that it is essential.

I need to be true, congruent, real, firstly to myself, then to whoever else comes my way.

I am going to look behind each mask, each role I have played or carry on playing and look who is hiding there. I am going to shine the torch in every dark place and make peace with whatever is lurking there - then send it to its rightful place; past, future, or present.

What about my Mum's blog? 'Committed to love - a journey through grief?' That is TBA it is somewhere where I have a deeper connection with my Mum and my feelings about my loss. I will let it as is for the time being!

So, for now, I bid you all farewell. Will I be missed? Did I make a mark? Have I 'helped' anyone? Have I annoyed others?

I thank you all for being my platform, my sounding board, my companions on my journey. I wish you all well on your journeys.

Love and light

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Miracles of my discoveries!

I started this blog so I could share what I experience along my journey. I called it angel guided mentoring after putting the question 'out there' 'What shall I call my blog???'

The answer I 'received' was 'Angel guided'. I added the 'mentoring' as this is what I do - I mentor.

Why the need for this explanation??

I have had a 'kick' up the derriere these past few days. I have had a series of experiences which I believe have been 'angel guided' and at first did not think of them in this way.

I contribute to a blog called writers rising. Every so often I post something on the blog that I have also posted here.

I posted my article on 'Special Relationships', as I thought it had something important to share. I do get over zealous when I read something that lights my fire, and sometimes before letting it digest, I have a need to share it.

So, I did!

I received a comment on the writers rising from a lady who had not commented on my contributions before - Marilyn- It was not a complimentary comment, and if I had received this type of comment a few years ago, it would have paralysed me and pushed me back into my hole, where I would ruminate over the comment, dissecting each word, each letter, reading the worst into it.

But, I am not that person anymore, even though, I felt a twinge of a familiar emotion - strange I can't even think of the word.......bear with me......rejection!!!!

I truly could not remember the word, this happens a lot to me lately, may be I am becoming senile, or maybe words that don't have meaning for me anymore, stay dormant for a while.

Following is the comment from Marilyn;

but darling...what do you think? What are your ideas? We can cite others until we are blue in the face...where is the exploration of your journey and the miracles of your discoveries through what life has shown you. How does it all apply to you? What can you illustrate it with? Tolle has already written his work, his research...what is the your journey? That is were words separate from life...for each journey has its own shared purpose and knowledge along the way. We are the subject matter experts of our own lives...

After the initial sting, I sat up and took notice. This was not any message, this was an important message. Once my bruised ego got out of the way, I could see, hear and be. I was present!

I thanked Marilyn for her comment and went to my bed room and let out a wail. It came from somewhere deep inside a forgotten cavern. I thought my insides would come out from the heaving of my chest.

What was going on???

An angel had visited me - Marilyn's message was angel guided, it was genuine, heart felt and said with love. I felt no malice, no criticism, no judgment. I felt a tug at my heart and soul, to wake up, to come out from behind their hiding place, to be real and true.

All that I have written on this blog is heart felt, full of knowledge and insightful. It is from things I have learnt along my journey.

Marylin shone her light on what I still have in the dark, MY personal wisdom, MY 'miracles of discoveries'- they are many, and it is like my soul is giving me permission to share it's treasures.

It is painful, admitting the truth, but more painful not being true to your self. So I give thanks to Marilyn and to all the other angels in my life of the invisible and physical realm for helping me see this truth.

I will be sharing more of myself in my future posts. I will still be referring to what I have learnt, as this is who I am - I thrive on knowledge and 'need' to share it- but I will be applying it to my experiences and sharing MY wisdom.

I hope this will ignite the spark in others who in turn can share their truth too.

With love and light

Christina - angel guided x

Friday, 28 May 2010

Special Relationships!

Special relationships, what are they? We are talking about intimate, 'love' relationships, borne out of 'love'.

Maybe we should begin with the question of what is love?

'Love is patient,
Love is kind.
It does not envy,
It does not boast,
It is not proud.
It is not rude,
It is not self-seeking.
It is not easily angered,
It keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil
But rejoices in the truth.
It always protects,
Always trusts,
Always hopes,
Always perseveres.'

1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

Therefore whatever is not the above, means it is not love???

So for example, taking one of the lines above, love- 'it is not easily angered.'
Does this mean when we are angry with our intimate partner, do we not love them any more?

It seems so!

But let's not use only the Bible's word for it.

Eckhart Tolle, an author and spiritual teacher, says that,

'If in your relationships you experience both 'love' and the opposite of love - attack, emotional violence and so on - then it is likely that you are confusing ego attachment and addictive clinging with love.......true love has no opposite.'

He continues,

'Love is a state of Being. Your love is not outside; it is deep within you. You can never lose it, and it cannot leave you. It is not dependent on some other body...'

So what are special relationships? Or to put it another way, What is the purpose of a special relationship??

If they invariably create so much emotion, both positive and negative, where the negative is not love, and by the looks of it neither is the positive since it is the opposite of negative, and as said above, 'true love has no opposite'.

Is there a purpose, other than procreation?? Is there something more spiritual or is this it? - You fall in love, have a few good times, have a lot of bad times, have kids, make up, get on, fight again, stay together, or not, fall in love with someone else and start the whole process again, with a few variations.

Tolle believes that humans have increasingly become identified with their mind and therefore most relationships are not rooted in the present. This is why it turns into pain and conflict.

Avoidance of relationships does not dissolve this pain, since the problem is that the identification is with the mind and not the present moment - living in the past or future.

Relationships work on our need to become whole. To make a whole you need both masculine and feminine. That is the pull, the attraction, the search for wholeness, on a physical level, since at the core, we are whole.

So, other than the need for wholeness, what is the purpose of a relationship?

Tolle believes a relationship's purpose is not to make you happy or fulfilled. If you continue to look for happiness through a relationship you will be disillusioned over and over again.

Tolle says that a relationship's purpose is to make you conscious. Which in turn will bring you happiness, for being conscious is your natural state of being, just as love is your natural state of being. Accepting this will help you align with a higher consciousness.

How do you stay conscious? What is conscious?

Staying present, Being, not going to the past which is riddled with guilt, bitterness and hate, or darting to the future which is infested with worry, fear and anxiety.

Staying present makes you an observer. Being an observer, you are alert. Being alert keeps you present, dissolving any pain real or perceived freeing you to accept the NOW!

Monday, 24 May 2010


What is consciousness?

In the film The Avatar, the 'drivers' were connected to their avatar by having their consciousness connected to the avatar's body.(See avatar post for more info on the film)

What troubled me about this was, What did the body of the 'driver' do whilst his consciousness was 'living' through the avatar? The 'driver' was in a contraption all wired up, and of course there was nowhere to go, but is the body really just a shell???

I have been reading an e-book called The Awakening, by Vicki Anderson . The following sentence caught my attention;

There is only one thing in the Universe and that is Consciousness.

The following question was then pondered;

'If we close our eyes, does the world still exist, even though we are not conscious of it?'

The author then adds, that according to Dr Goswami and other physicists, the answer is NO!"

'Reality is merely an illusion albeit a persistent one.' Albert Einstein

So what does this mean? Nothing exists other than in our consciousness? Is this why when we are thinking of the past, we feel we are actually there. When we daydream is this really our consciousness wandering, experiencing stuff without our body?

So nothing exists, nothing is real. This is really mind blowing!!!

When my Mum was terminally ill, she would go in and out of consciousness. On one occaision when she was conscious, she told me she had just been to Austrailia. I thought she must have been dreaming, or hallucinating since she was on so much medication.

But if there is nothing but consciousness, who is to say that her consciousness didn't really go to Austrailia?!!

She told me how she was above the trees and mountains and how she had so much fun. I humoured her and asked her to take me with her next time. She smiled with a twinkle in her eye, as if she knew a secret.

So if all there is consciousness, then it makes sense to become conscious of our thoughts, feelings and actions. In doing so we can take advantage of this amazing reality (or illusion)- and create what we want to experience.

Friday, 21 May 2010


I have been thinking about healing this past week, and how some people heal and others don't.

I haven't had a cold for some time, and for a while have been passing headaches, aches and pains and stuffiness as symptoms of energetic shifts. I am sensible though and use my instincts to assess if it needs the doctor's input.

I came down with a really bad sore throat over the weekend. I 'knew' why! Despite the fact that my son has had a cold all week, I understood, energetically, my body had created this illness for a reason.

Symbolically the throat is the seat of the will. I have been battling with, 'God your will not mine' for some time now and not really feeling it. I am so headstrong that my stubbornness seems to take over.

To top that I then feel angry that I am not GETTING IT!

I do what most people do- beat myself up- for not being this, not doing that, not achieving this, not understanding that.

The more I internalized my anger, my throat let me know what a sore point this was for me, by manifesting into a sore, painful throat.

So why is my son ill? And later on that day, why was my daughter complaining of a sore throat? ANGER!!!!

Is this their anger, my anger, anger in general?? A bit of everything, they are teens and that is enough on its own, but I believe as everything is energy, what is the strongest feeling, is what is felt the most.

Now guilt was setting in so I decided to call upon the angels help!

I used some angel visualization to heal my throat. I asked Archangel Michael to cut away any negativity within and without me, and for my children.

I then asked Archangel Raphael to put his emerald-green healing light over our throats.

I then let go (or tried to) waiting for the instantaneous healing I have read happens to some people.


I tried again, but then remembered that it is not the amount of times you do it, it is the trust that healing is already given.

So I started affirming, 'I am healed!'

I had a fitful night, where I can't say I felt the angelic miracle of healing, but awoke then next day with no sore throat, but a very runny nose. So It did work!!!!

I am still ill, but I feel that this is a deep release, and sometimes we have to go through it to become healed. Also, I have spent some low down time, where I have had a chance to re-charge and re-assess my life.

I have spent some lovely moments in nature as well, planting my vegetables on my allotment, where I feel that miracles have been happening all around, helping me heal.

So, why do some people heal and some don't??

I believe, that there are blocks to healing. Our beliefs can be blocks, the belief that 'it takes time' to heal is very ingrained. Or a fear to heal. Some people feel a form of addiction to not been well, they can use it sub-consciously as a reason to procrastinate. Also it is leverage; pain, illness or trauma, is a manipulation tool.

There is also the belief that 'I don't deserve' to be healed, happy, whole. Or the collective belief, especially with flu and viruses, that,'I am bound to get this since this is what the news, the doctors, the parents at school... are saying'

And then there is the need to go through the pain sometimes, to become aware of what is really happening. Sometimes, we need an illness as a way to make us STOP!!!!!

Friday, 14 May 2010

New Moon Creations!

I would like to introduce you to a new friend. I drew this angel a couple of months ago and then put him away in my drawer. As I was rummaging away, looking for something, I caught sight of his knowing face.

So, here he is, too cute to stay hidden away in some dark draw. Symbolic really, coming out of the darkness of our mind, we are greeted with the light of the day, where everything seems much more clear.

When there is a New moon I become very creative, and I need to express my creativeness. So Last night a lovely little fairy and her Unicorn graced my space.

I love the creating process that art gives me. It is like giving birth to your child, you know them already as they are inside you, but you still have that excitement and anticipation to see what they look like, and more importantly to see if they are well.

Express your self in creative ways, the New Moon energy is urging us all to let our light shine.

Monday, 3 May 2010


I watched the film 'Avatar' on DVD yesterday - twice!

I didn't catch the movie at the cinema, even though the minute I saw the trailer my heart alerted me that I MUST see this movie.

I 'felt' that it was more than just a 'story' of aliens and war and love, I 'knew' my soul knew that it was a message for US on earth to look after our MOTHER earth and its inhabitants.

I was in tears for most of the film. My family looked on at me, thinking,'oh, here she goes again, crying at any small thing'

For those who have not watched Avatar following is an excerpt of the theme By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat from the site Spirituality and Practice,

Directed by James Cameron
20th Century Fox 12/09 DVD/VHS Feature Film
PG-13 - intense epic battle sequences and warfare, sensuality, language, smoking

'Following the death of his twin brother, a scientist, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a former Marine who is confined to a wheelchair, is recruited to take his place in the secret Avatar program on the faraway planet of Pandora. The year is 2154 and the Earth is in serious environmental trouble. The Resources Development Administration (RDA), a corporate consortium, is mining a rare mineral called Unobtainium on Pandora that is needed to solve the Earth's energy crisis.

Because the air in Pandroa is toxic to humans, "drivers" have their consciousness linked to an avatar, a remotely-controlled biological body that can survive in the lethal atmosphere. These creatures are genetically engineered hybrids of human DNA mixed with DNA from the natives of Pandora, the Na'vi. Their mission is to create a bridge of trust with the Na'vi so that mining operations can be expanded.

The technologically equipped mercenary squad, thinks the natives are nothing more than ignorant savages that should be stamped out like cockroaches. Also skeptical about Grace and the Na'vi is Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi), the business-first station manager who oversees the work of the scientists, the security forces, and the miners.'

What did it for me was not only the amazing technology involved in making the film, making it amazing to watch, but the spiritual meaning.

The inter-connectedness of the Na'vi with nature, how they used their body to connect with the heart of the earth and its creatures, resonates with how we need to be more intune with our planet, to respect and 'listen' to her.

Also it reminded me of indigenous tribes of how they thank the spirit of the animal before they kill it for food. The respect to all life made me weep with love.

The contrast of the mercenary squad of destroying the land and the people who stood in the way of what they wanted, the heartless, emptiness, was so apparent. And the head of the operation, who only had $$$$ on his mind.

What touched me the most was a phrase the Na'vi used often, 'I see you' which is not about seeing with the physical eyes but with the heart - actually seeing, feeling the other person, animal, world.

This resonated with me as this is what is going on in our world, if someone really 'sees you' there is a deep connection of heart energy of love of understanding, whereas, if you do not live through the heart and through the mind only there cannot be true 'seeing' of another.

Neytiri, the daughter of the tribe's leaders saved Jake in the forest from the animals, even though it pained her to kill them. She 'saw' him as having a pure heart, without fear, and the spirits depicted as beautiful, floating and whispy alerted Neytiri that he was 'special'.

Neytiri was assigned to teach Jake their ways. She knew he had learnt the way of the Na'vi when one day as he was finishing off a hunt and he said the 'I see you' to the animal, and Neytiri, saw, that he really could 'see'.

What was also apparent, was how the scientists were portrayed as being sympathetic to the natural world, mirroring how in our world the gap between science and religion is lessening, especially with the discoveries in quantum physics and energy medicine.

Also, what came across, was that it is ok to be a warrior, to have a fearless heart, as long as you respect the whole of life. Neytiri's father was the warrior leader and her mother was the spiritual leader who was like a shaman. The two worked together, taking signs and revering their deity in all aspects of their life.

This can teach us how we must marry the two aspects of ourself - the lower self of the world, with the higher aspect of our spiritual connection to God.

It is a must see film, James Cameron, is an Avatar himself.

Immerse Yourself in the Web of Life

Friday, 30 April 2010

Co-create your desires!

There is so much talk about 'letting go and letting God', that we may unwittingly fall into the belief that we don't have any say in our own destiny.

So, do we believe that our lives are pre-written and it doesn't matter what we do because God pulls the strings?

Or do we believe that we are the creators of our destiny, and when things don't go our way it is someone elses fault - God being on top of our list?

There is another way of seeing life - we are co-creators!

We need to first accept, acknowledge, give the Big guy credit, that without him we cannot do anything. He is the One the All is, and we are made in his likeness.

No, we are not God, but we can create just as he does. God knows the outcome whereas we cannot judge what will happen. For this to be possible we would need to know all the information of past, present future, all perceptions etc - Only God knows this.

Simply, we can create, as long as we co-create with God, trusting that God knows what is best for us.

This is what it means when we say, 'let go, Let God!'

Our job is to clear our intentions, our energy fields, by releasing negativity, inside and out.

Then we ask, for God's help - 'God, I choose to have......'

The operative word is 'choose' because this is an active word, it puts you in the creation, you are not just wanting which is sometime in the future and is not an action but a longing.

So you've cleared your intentions, cleared your energies, asked by showing you are co-operating with God.

This is what manifesting consciously is.

What happens from there is really not in your hands. What you do with what does come is YOUR choice. You can choose to carry on with what you have co-created, or you can let it go if it is not what you really want.

This is not bad, wrong or ungrateful, it is about opportunity.

Everything that is presented to you, is a creation of yours. YOU attracted it for a reason - whether it is to learn, release something or because you are resonating with that energy with the thing, person or situation which has come your way.

It is only a co-creation if you have actively acknowledged your part by asking, and choosing actively, with clear intentions and thoughts.

You are in effect saying, 'Right, I have thought about what I want and I choose to be an active part in my life. I acknowledge that the source of all life is God and for me to create divinely I need to co-create with the Divine'

If what you receive is not what you really want, then you can take what you have learnt from this. Maybe you need to clear up your intentions more, your energy and your alignment to God.

So clear your intentions and co-create your desires!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Simplify life!

Why do we make life so complicated? There are enough ups and downs without us coming along and adding more to the equation.

Life is difficult enough, so let's simplify it.

Following are some tips to do so;

1. Do what you love, if you can't, put love into what you do.

2. Smile more.

3. Look for a solution, not someone to blame.

4. Love more.

5. Think less, just do on impulse.

6. Give your problems to a higher power.

7. Do less, not more.

8. Spend time alone.

9. Spend time with people that 'get you'

10. If in doubt do nothing.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Energy abhors a Void!

Energy abhors a void!

I wish I could tell you where I read this, but it doesn't really matter, as this is the message I have been receiving everywhere I look lately.

As soon as I de-cluttered my blog, I was visited by new 'energy'. I have two new followers. I was amazed at how quickly the Universe answers when your intentions are clear.

Also, since that day, I have been feeling much more upbeat and full of hope. I even cleared my teenage son's room out today, from all the junk that has been festering for months.

I try to be blaze about the kids rooms and tell them if they want to live like pigs then it's their problem. But I can't do it indefinitely, I feel as if I am been suffocated by all the blocked energy.

I felt so exhilirated after getting rid of all the junk from his room. I even felt the fresh energy swoosh in. Now I understand what it means by the saying 'Energy abhors a void'. Where could the energy go with all that clutter?

So I have a de-cluttered blog, a de-cluttered sons room, I also feel I am becoming de-cluttered. I went to visit a careers advisor, as I needed help with tying all my skills and experiences in order to find additional employment.

I left the office with a clearer and positive outlook.

So, what are you waiting for? Energy is waiting to flow, what needs de-cluttering in your life???

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

STOP and take stock!

Sometimes you need to stop and take stock of your life.

Like the cupboard clear out, you need to do it with your life.

Every now and then, I get the sense that I have been going down a 'wrong' path. Taking into consideration that in the bigger picture scheme of things, there is no wrong or right, but you just know when you ought to have taken the 'other' road. Or not taken any road for the time being.

What happens to myself is I feel a little depressed. It is like I am being pressed down, hence the word de-pressed. This is a message for me to STOP!!!

I usually do stop without a fight anymore since I have found with experience, if I don't stop, I find obstructions in my way which make me stop.

For example, this morning I felt myself sinking deeper into my 'de-pression' and I wasn't listening to what I was being shown, so I carried on battling with my lap top which was switching off every now and then.

In the end it just switched off and I couldn't put it back on.

After a few minutes of complaining, I realized that this was a message for me to STOP!!!

So, begrudgingly, I put my shoes and coat on and got out....and came to the library to guessed...a computer!!!

So, what did the 'message' manage to teach me?

I needed to get out of my way, the computer broke down, so I had to Stop, and get out.

A change of scenery, whether it is for five minutes or five hours helps to unclutter the mind.

I also did a clear out of my blog as well. I am starting a new. For now there will be no angel cards or crystals and no other mention of other sites or blogs which I feel don't resonate with where I am at at the moment.

So, for now this is me, take me as I am, I am learning along with you all.

You teach what you want to learn the most. What I need to learn the most at the moment is how to get out of my own way, make life simpler and STOP!!!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Info Overload!!!!

'Love never fails. But where there are prophesies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge it will pass away.'
1 Corinthians 13:8

Sometimes life can become very confusing!

Knowledge does not set you free, it gives you a headache!

There's an advert for an Internet search engine which shows someone asking for directions. The person starts of normally giving the information, then carries on giving random information in a chaotic way - the mind is in overload!

It is like when you Google something and you are presented with a list of random answers, interesting but not what you where looking for, and very easily distracting from what you where doing.

I love to learn!

My mind craves knowledge, I love History, Math, esoteric knowledge, Religion, culture. You name it I am interested in it. This is not bad in itself but sometimes this can lead you astray from the one simple truth - LOVE!

'Love is patient, Love is kind, It does not envy, It does not boast, It is not proud.' 1 Corinthians 13:4

All the knowledge in the world (and not in the world) is meaningless without Love.

So what do we do with an inquisitive mind?

We learn to see the love in all situations; all learnings; all teachings.

If God is Love, then all that God made is Love!

The equation of Love is in the architecture of Life; each sequence of events can be seen as a Mathematical equation, the answer being - LOVE!

So, when we feel an info overload and we become a little confused;

Connect back to LOVE!
This is what matters the most.

'And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.' 1 Corinthians 13:13

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Growing- reaching completion!

Finally I have my little plot of land that I can plant my Little seedlings in!

The council here in Birmingham UK, rents out little plots of land called allotments. You can grow your own fruit, vegetables and flowers.

I was so desperate for some 'Earth' as I live in an apartment, I wanted to have some land where I could feel grounded.

I have only been waiting for two months, there is usually a long waiting list. It seems my positive intentions have drawn the allotment to me.

Unfortunately, most of my seedlings that I planted have died. Some died when I re-planted them into bigger pots, the rest perished when my daughter accidentally knocked them over.

I have three little aubergine shoots left. They are my babies and I feel apprehensive in putting them in the vast open air.

The allotment needs alot of work. It is quite large and if I'm honest looks like a field. But its mine (for now)

We were given the choice from 9 plots, I chose mine for two reason;

1) There was a lone daffodil at the outskirts of the 'field'.
2) There was a lone soft, white feather.

My Angels where guiding me to take it!

Also, it was plot number 63. I'm not sure if that number has any special meaning, but what little I know of numerology, 6 + 3 = 9
Some meanings for the number 9 are;

The nine Choruses of the Angels:

Seraphes, angels of love and light;
Cherubs, angels of wisdom and intelligence;
Thrones, angels of force and life;
Dominations, angels of liberty;
Principalities, angels of eternity and memory;
Powers, angels of holiness;
Vertues, angels of humility;
Archangels, having for attribute the justice;
Ordinary angels, to which we attribute the innocence

The number nine is held in great reverence in the occult sciences; and in mathematical science it has properties and powers which are found in no other number.

It is the last of the digits, and thus marks the end; and is significant of the conclusion of a matter.

Nine is the number of finality or judgment.

So, as I am angel guided and am committed to following the guidance I am shown, I have been thinking about what this plot of land is showing me symbolically.

The following is what I have come up with;

- There were nine plots to choose from and the plot was number 63, 6 + 3= 9, so 9 is important
- As nine is the number of finality, there is something in my life which is reaching completion.
- There are 9 choruses of Angels with different attributes. Are these the attributes I am learning and is it here on my plot that I am going to learn them?

I am sure I will learn alot here on my little plot. I need to start from scratch, The land needs cultivating, plowing, and all the other gardening jargon I don't know about.

I will need patience and respect for nature, I will need to become humble and trust the force of life.

I hope that here on my plot I can learn about all I need to know, basking in the light of the Divine.

I feel blessed!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Quiet time!

Cats know how to just be!

When they've had enough of chasing birds and spiders, they just saunter off and find themselves a sunny spot and switch off.

Such an active animal when awake, yet such at peace when asleep.

Cats know how to just be!

They will come to you when they are hungry, want to play or have a little fuss.

Then, when they have had enough, they will saunter off again and maybe this time find a cosy corner to burrow in and take another little nap.

Cats know how to just be!

After any activity you do today, whether it is exercise or daily chores, find yourself some quiet time, and just BE!

Friday, 9 April 2010

What is going on?

What is going on?

I have had a headache for the past week or so, it seems like it has been going on forever. I don't take any painkillers, but use a combination of Reiki hand positions and my crystals. It works for a while, but only if my hypochondriac side doesn't kick in.

My Mum died from a brain tumour, over four years ago. I think you pick up behaviours from your parents, and however more educated I am, or in touch with higher truths, I still panic that I am dying whenever I have a pain.

I use my pendulum (a crystal on a chain) which I use to ask my higher self and the angels for confirmation on situations. For yes it swings one way for no it swings another. The way to find out which is yes, or no when you first start using a pendulum, is by asking a question you already know the answer and note the swing of the pendulum.

So, here I am having headaches, palpitations and tightness in my chest. I feel sea sick and nauseous. I think, 'Oh, it's because I am sensitive to the energies around me, and things are happening up in the cosmos and with the Earth.'

But then my human, hypochondriac self chips in, 'You are having a heart attack, you are sick, go to the Doctor.'

I don't take pills, because my Mum lived her life this way and I saw the outcome. But I don't like this roller coaster of feelings.

I stumbled across a site called Emerging Earth Angels some years ago, as I became more in tune with all things spiritual. Karen Bishop the author of the site, writes about what is going on in the world and the cosmos on an energetic level and trys to give another perspective of how this affects our bodies, mind and spirit.

Today there was such an alert (post) as she calls them and she lists all the symptoms that we may be experiencing, and explains that with each movement of the Earth, especially with the recent Earthquakes we feel the effects. The more sensitive you are the more you feel.

So, with this knowledge my mind is put at ease until the next twinge and ache where I reach for my pendulum.

New 'Emerging earth angel' alert

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


When in doubt do nothing!

Be still,
Do nothing!

When your life seems out of control, you need to stop and listen!

What are you being made to notice?

You cannot notice if you are running around


Be still,
Do nothing!

In the quiet you will hear, In the light you will see, in the calm you can breath.

Take time-out today!

Saturday, 3 April 2010


As a child I followed the faith I was born into, Greek Orthodox Christian. I was born in the UK and my friends where English. I went to a Church of England school, in York, opposite from the beautiful York Minster Cathedral.

As a child you take things in your stride. I could separate, singing hymns in the Minster at school, with worshiping in the Greek Orthodox Church on a Sunday or at Christmas and Easter.

I didn't question who was right, who was wrong. It was just what we did. At school, we learnt about Judaism, and the Bible. I sat for my Religious studies O'Level where the curriculum involved learning about the Gospels and learning all the names of the books of the bible of by heart. I didn't question this either.

At 15 we moved to Cyprus. Church was not in our timetable anymore. It was as if now we were in our Native country, we were less Cypriot. We still went to church at Easter, but there was a shift.

Maybe it was my age, maybe it was a combination of life events, but I started to question.

Who was I? Who was God? What did I believe in?

This coincided with puberty, with A'levels and with unhappy family situations. I turned inwards, searching for answers through writing poetry.

Over 20 years fast forward, and I find myself asking the same questions.

Who am I? Who is God? What do I believe in?

It's Easter tomorrow, I am back in England, I don't follow anything anymore, not because I am an atheist, but because I am not sure what I should be following. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus I believe in Christ as a consciousness. Or are these really my beliefs or things I have learnt?

When I close my eyes and reach that quiet space, I know there is a God, I know who I am, I know what I believe in.

It's just a matter of choosing to align with this quiet space and not getting lost in the noise!

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Relentlessly Positive

I gave an Angel card reading to the lovely Sarah Clark, who is a member on the site High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment. Sarah, kindly interviewed me after the reading, wanting to find out more about Angels, Angel card readings and Moi!

You can find the interview on her blog Relentlessly Positive

Mary Magdalene - Forgive!

It seems fitting that I drew the card of Mary Magdalene, it being Easter week. The card has one word on it - FORGIVENESS!

Whatever your religious views on who the Mary Magdalene was, she is a part of historical and spiritual significance, in the Jesus story.

Where there is controversy there is always some truth, even if it be distorted. The fact that there has been such heated debate at who she was in relation to the man Jesus is evidence that 'truth' has been hidden.

Legend says that Mary Magdalene was from Magdala, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, where her family had a castle called Magdalon; she was the sister of Lazarus and of Martha, and they were the children of noble parents some say, royal descendants of the House of David. On the death of their father, Syrus, they inherited vast riches and possessions in land, which were equally divided between them. (Taken from the Nazareen way of Essene Studies)

In Wikipedia it says, 'In recent years there has been a great restoration of the New Testament figure of Mary Magdalene as a patron of women's preaching and ministry. ..........recognition that Mary Magdalene has been the victim of a historical defamation of character........repentant prostitute in historical tradition,....'

According to all four Gospels she was the first person to see the resurrected Christ.
Mary Magdalene is referred to in early Christian writings as "the apostle to the apostles."

In apocryphal texts, she is portrayed as a visionary and leader of the early movement, who was loved by Jesus more than the other disciples.

The Gospel of Mary, written in the second century, see Mary as the special disciple of Jesus who has a deeper understanding of his teachings.

Many speculations, have emerged regarding Mary that she was Jesus' wife and even that she bore some children by him.

The Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican churches see Mary Magdalene to be a saint,being celebrated on July 22. The Eastern Orthodox churches commemorate her on the Sunday of the Myrrhbearers which is the second Sunday after Pascha (Easter).

Celia Fenn in her site starchild writes about Easter as, 'In the traditional Christian community, it is the celebration of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. But, in reality, it is a reworking of the ancient archetypal story of the death of the masculine principle and its miraculous rebirth and resurrection through the Feminine principle.'

Celia continues to say, 'So, how did this ancient story become a central part of the celebrations of the Christian year? In the case of the Christian story, there was indeed a masculine and a feminine principle incarnated in Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. They came to the Earth as Avatars to bring the seeds of the New Consciousness, that which we call the Christ Consciousness, to the western world. This was done through the work and teachings of both of them in Israel, and later by Mary Magdalene in France. The Seeds of the Christ Light that are flowering now were laid down two thousand years ago.......'

Back to forgiveness!

Easter is a time to lay down to rest all that has gone, is not serving us and to re-birth, resurrect our cleansed spirit. So whatever story you believe in about Mary Magdalene, her message today is universal - Forgiveness!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Love is the Only Way!

Without love, there is no hope.
Without love, there is no joy.
Without love, there is no solution.
Without love, there is no future.

You may give money.
You may give 'stuff'.
You may talk about love.

But without having love,
They are empty gestures.
Empty like the heart that gives -

Out of duty,
Out of guilt,
Out of confusion.

You will see problem,
After problem.
Suffer pain,
After pain.

Only love can heal.
Forgiving and true.

Love is the only way!

Look at your relationships in this way,
look at your situations today
And ask,
Where am I not loving?

Do not look at him or her to blame.
Only look at them to see the reflection,
of who you are

Are they unhappy?
Are they sad?
Are they mad?

What is it in YOU that is making you project unhappiness?
What is it in YOU that is making you project sadness?
What is it in YOU that is making you project madness?

Remember, Love is the only way!

Saturday, 27 March 2010


Meditate - 'Think deeply and quietly' (Oxford pocket school dictionary)

Most people are more familiar with another meaning to meditate - the lotus position with eyes closed with an expression of serene peace.

Another explanation of meditate is taking the two above explanation and using them to describe what meditating allows you to do.

If prayer lets you speak to God!

Mediation lets God speak to you!

How does this tie in the two explanations?

When we pray, we may not be sitting crossed legged, but we do turn our thoughts inward to find that place of peace to give our woes or praise to God.

When we meditate we are just being present in the moment, allowing thoughts to float by. In this quiet space we are able to 'hear' 'deep thoughts, quietly' thoughts from God, your guides, the Angels, your higher self. This is when you are able to be with the Divine.

Being in nature can help the process of meditation, either in the deep thinking, or the being still, they are both direct channels to God.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Have a Clear Out!

Spring is here!

What better reason to have a clear out?

Put things into one of three bin liners;

1. Things I want to keep.

2. Things that can be 'fixed'.

3. Things I need to throw out.

Put back what you are keeping in a neat fashion. Do it with love, clean the item (yes even if is a tin of beans).

Make a point of 'fixing' those items that can be used. If you haven't done it by the end of the week - yes only a week - then get rid!

Throw the ones in the 'throw away' bin liner the same day, do not leave it lying around to gather dust.

Now, look at your cupboard, room, house, depending on what you have been clearing out. Does it need something to make it look better, fuller, more functional?

If so, choose items with care. Put thought into what you are bringing into that space. Run these choices through the following;

1. Do you LOVE it? (O.k if it's food for the cupboard ask, will you eat it, or will it just stay there until your next clear out?)

2. Is it functional? Again adjust your questioning to the situation. If it is a food cupboard, you could ask, 'Will it give me the vitamins I require or fill me with loads of empty calories?'

3. Does it work well with the rest of the items?

Job well done!

This brings in a rush of fresh energy and gives you the boost to tackle the trickier aspects of life, like having a clear out of your life!

One step at a time. Today, work on the external, when you are ready, you can work out on you.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

What God Wants

What does God want?

Love all.
Live your life!
Be present.
Make me smile.
Look at my Creation, it is beautiful!
PRAISE me for all I have done.
Love all

Monday, 22 March 2010

Safe Journey!

I used the Saints and Angel Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue, for today's message. As I am following my guidance from Spirit, I sometimes don't know straight away what the message means. I pick the card, then if the understanding doesn't come straight away, I go and do something normal, like make a cup of tea (Tea always makes everything alright, for me!)

As I was making my tea, the message sunk in!

On your journey of life you may meet obstacles, but if you carry the Christ/Christ Consciousness within you you will be safe.

What does this mean for Christians and non-Christians alike?

The way I understand it is - Whatever you do in your life, be mindful of your connection to Source, be accepting that you are not alone, and remember the love in all that you do.

Saint Christopher became known as the Christ Bearer, because he carried Christ across the river. One day, a little child asked him to take him across the river. The child seemed heavier than lead, and Christopher found himself in great difficulty. When he finally reached the other side, he said to the child:

"You have put me in the greatest danger. I do not think the whole world could have been as heavy on my shoulders as you were."

The child replied: "You had on your shoulders not only the whole world but Him who made it. I am Christ your king, whom you are serving by this work." The child then vanished.

As Saint Christopher carried people safely over the river, so will we be safe when we come across obstacles in our path if we have the Christ Consciousness within us.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Change your Mind!

You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created the problem!

When you have something on your mind which is bothering you, it may seem a huge problem which seems impossible to fix.

Sometimes we need to see it from a different perspective. But finding the will to shift to that other perspective, when your mind is so perplexed with 'stuff' can be very difficult.

If you are a visual person following is a way to help you gain the perspective with ease:

1. Visualize putting your problems into a basket which is full of something you associate with pure love. It could be puppies, flowers, hearts, Angels.

2. Leave your problems with these loving beings, knowing that just by being in their presence, all the confusion and pain of the problem will just disappear.

3. When you feel ready, look back into the basket and take your 'problem' from amongst the Love.

4. If you still see the problem in the same way, you need to ask yourself whether you believe in this picture of love. If not, choose another image.

5. This time when you place your problems back into the basket with the love, be honest and ask for their help stating that you can't fix this by yourself.

6. When you look again in the basket, all you will see is pure LOVE.

Now you have a different perspective!

Your reference point being LOVE.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Unite Mind and Heart!

Open your mind and allow the truth be revealed.

Open your heart and let this truth seep in.

Connect to the ONE mind, ONE heart,

Connect to LOVE!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

What is my Purpose?

Yesterday's post was about leaving your life in God's hands. It was about acknowledging that we do not have to worry, because what happens is not really in our hands. We are co-creators, in that we can create our dreams, follow them and succeed in them, but what happens along the way, really, is not possible to fore tell.

It is like finding out what your purpose in life is. Can you really dream your purpose?
Can you follow a dream and think that because you enjoy it it must be your purpose?

It seems that having a purpose in life and finding out what your purpose is in life gets very fuzzy. They are not the same, even if they do overlap.

God/Source/Divine, knows what you where created for, because you were made by God. You can create situations, you can think ideas you can even find purpose in all you create, but how do you know what was God's purpose for creating you?

You can only do this by looking to God.

You do not find out how that builder built that house by asking yourself. You can find out how to build a house by reading books on how to build a house, or attend a course, or even speculate. You need to ask that builder how he built that house and for what purpose.

When you want information about something you go to the SOURCE (God)

So, we have our dreams, we have our patience, our faith, we put in the work and we respect that each venture (dream) is unique and we end up with a reality. Does this give us the purpose we so crave?

It may give you purpose, but are you any nearer to knowing what you are doing here, why you are on this earth?

If it doesn't bother you, then, carry on with your dreams, sow your seeds and wait patiently, believe in yourself using all the ingredients of success at your feet.

If you are not fulfilled with this reality, then you are asking,

'What is my purpose?'

Ask God, ask with an open mind. Forget all you know (for now) about achieving your goals, forget all you have learnt about looking within (for now). Ask God you want to know your purpose.

He may send you the answer with your Angels, you may find out through your soul's chosen spiritual teacher; Jesus, Holy Spirit, Buddha etc. You may find out through your Higher Self.

'Ask, and it shall be given you; seek; and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. [Matthew 7:7-8]

Monday, 15 March 2010

God is In Charge!

God is in charge!

How does this sentence make you feel?

Does it make you feel uncomfortable?

Does it make you feel small?

Does it make you feel scared?

Does it make you feel relief?

It may make you feel a combination of the above. Depending on your perception of who God is, whether you believe in a fearful God, or a compassionate, loving God.

If you see God as a God that you must fear, then you may feel scared. You may think that, 'I am a sinner, so if God is in charge, I'm done in for!'

If you see God as a God who is compassionate and full of Love then you may think, ' I am a sinner, so if God is in charge, I feel relieved, for He can show me the way'

If we take the second scenario and believe that God being in charge is a good thing, then we can give all our worries to God and his Angels.

We can say, 'God, I can't do this alone, I ask you to be in charge. You have given me free will, but I want your will to be in charge. Whatever you say I will do, please give me courage to follow it through.'

That sounds sort of scary though, even if we believe God is loving and kind. What if God makes us leave all our possessions behind? What if God makes us leave our Home, and our loved ones? What if God makes us do something we don't like?

God will not make us do anything we cannot do. When you believe God is really in charge, you gladly, let Him take the reigns.

Following His 'orders' will feel natural. You will feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you have God on your side.

You may have to change your life, you may have to move home, you may have to leave people. God knows how much you can take, and in all this you have your own will too.

God is in charge, but you are co-creators in your life!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Respect your Dreams!

Even ideal situations sometimes require adjustments as you move forward. Patience pays off and so does having faith and eventually you can reap the rewards. But there are times when it seems you need something else, as well to make things happen.

I planted a variety of seeds a few weeks ago and some have made a show. They have sprouted out, courageously, fearless of what is in store for them.

I planted some sweet corn, courgettes, tomatoes, chives and aubergines. My sweet corn were the first to show their little pale green stem. I made such a fuss over the first one, welcoming it into the big wide world.

The following day I noticed another had sprouted, then another and another. I made the same amount of fuss to these newcomers whilst my children looked on in disdain.

I checked on the other seeds to see their progress and noticed that there didn't seem like much was happening. By the evening when I checked again, I saw that the chives were making a show too.

It bothered me though why my other seeds had not made a show. A barrage of questions came out;

Had I done something wrong?
Did I add too much water,too quickly?
Did I not put enough soil?
Was I not being patient enough?
Did I not have faith that they would grow?
Did they not like me singing to them?

This morning I had a lovely surprise. I found that one of my tomato seeds had germinated and had become a little sprout. I was elated, I welcomed it like the others. This restored my faith and made me realize that my analogy of seeds being dreams had a new component in it - RESPECT for the uniqueness of each seed (dream).

The new equation is as follows;


Respect your individual dreams, however similar they may seem to other peoples or other ideas. Respect that each dream needs its own time to develop and grow into the reality you want it to become.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

The Nine Orders of Angels!

The Angelic realm has its own hierarchy like all societies. The Angels and the Archangels are the Angelic beings assigned to look over us humans. We are very loved and supported at all times.

When we ask our Angels for help we are helping them to evolve as well. So if you are not good at asking for help, remember that by asking you are helping the Angels. So go ahead and ask for help. Nothing is too big or too small!

Following is a video of all nine orders of the Angels.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Coming Home!

It is good to take a journey sometimes! You can recharge your batteries, lose yourself in the moment and see things from a different perspective.

But, it is even better Coming HOME, especially if home is where you associate where the heart is!

Yesterday, I took myself off to venture into my own thoughts, my own feelings, following my own counsel. It was very insightful, but very lonely!

I felt very far away from Home, very far away from my heart!

Even though, I enjoyed my loneliness in the beginning, feeling quite rebellious and independent, after a while, I felt quite empty and dis-connected!

When I opened my eyes this morning and looked out of the window at the sky, I felt a sudden feeling of recognition. I knew I was back Home, I felt back on line with who I am and what I am doing here.

Yesterday, I took myself off on a journey into the world of my mind, I did not want to be in my heart. The further I drifted, the more confused and lost I became.

But, one thing helped me not drift too far - the memory of Home! I knew with not only my mind, but my heart, that I could return back Home whenever I felt like it.

With one little shift of perception, I could be back Home!

Sometimes, we need to venture off alone, to realize what we have back at HOME!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

I Can't Hear You!

I haven't picked a card today!
I haven't picked a crystal!

I feel I want to be in my own thoughts and take my own counsel.

I haven't forgotten my Angels, and I am still carrying my crystals with me, but I feel I need to give another message today.

The message of trusting your own counsel.

But what if your own counsel is rubbish?

So be it!

It is learning to trust that whatever thought you receive, whether you believe it is from the Angels, God, the Universe, you are a part of this equation too.

So, today, I am not listening to the Angels, I am having a day off.

It doesn't mean that they are not there waiting with love, for us to ask for assistance or whisper some loving message into our consciousness. For they do not leave our side, but they respect our wishes.

As humans, we have free will and this can rule the roost sometimes. My will is ruling today. I don't want to listen to anyone, not even my beloved Angels.

I want to feel sorry for myself, and be a little selfish. I want to not be wise, or gentle. I want to be irresponsible and lazy!

I almost hear a few giggles!

'Who's there?'

I see in my mind's eye a flurry of material swishing off.

My angels are having a laugh with me. They don't take my moods seriously, they understand that I need them now and then, but always see the funny side of things.

I 'imagine' they are ruffling my hair saying as you do to an impetuous child,

'You in a bad mood?'.

This puts me in a badder mood, stomping my feet as a child.

'I can't hear you so go away!'

I suddenly think that I should apologise as I don't really want them to go, so I just ask them to be patient with me today, as I am having a 'woe is me' day.

I picture them smiling and I feel all warm and safe.

It doesn't matter how hard we try to block out the guidance, from God, the Angels, the Universe, we are always loved and supported, and they wait patiently for our requests for help.

So go ahead, listen to your own counsel today if you want, if you get it all wrong, there is always another day and another way, and of course you can always ask your Angels!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Grow with Love!

Dreams and desires are like seeds. You need to plant them, look after them by watering them, making their environment right for growth. In a previous post I devised an equation for making your dreams come a reality;


This is true, but there is one part of the equation missing - putting in the work, for example, your dream is to become a writer. Dreaming about it is the first step, having faith and patience that it will happen is also important,but if you don't write, how will your seed(dream) grow roots.

You plant your seed (dream), you water it and clear the weeds (work on your dream) then you wait(patience) and believe (faith) that it will grow - become a reality!

The guidance today suggests each day to take steps towards making your dream come true. It does not matter at what stage the seed is in, even if the seed is not yet an idea.

They say that plants grow if your talk to them. Talk to your dreams too. Positively affirm that the plant is big and strong and ready for sowing.

Of course, seeds still grow if left to the forces of nature. But the wind may carry the seed off into other directions, it may not be planted on ideal soil, it may be weak and wither away.

The point is you need to be an active part of your life, just as you need to be active if you want to be a good gardener.

Grow with Love!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Hatred vs LOVE!

'Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule' Buddha.

Where does hatred come from? If all there is is LOVE?

In A Course of Miracles, it says that anything which is not love is fear!

Is hatred fear?

Is hatred fear of love?

If God is love, does this mean when we feel hate, are we far from GOD?

It is true that there is duality in life;





You cannot do both at the same time. When there is Day there is no Night. If it is Black it is not White. When you Hate you do not Love.

You can hate because there is love, but you do not hate because you love.

As Buddha says, 'Hatred does not cease by hatred..'

You cannot stop hate by hating more. What you give power to, grows! You will find more reasons to hate, see more evidence around you to hate.

You can only stop hate by LOVE. '....This is the eternal rule'

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Lovely Blog AWARD!

I received this lovely award from the lovely Karen at Fiction for Dessert I am to pass this award to fifteen of my favourite blogs. They are as follows:

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I love each blog for different reasons. I seem to end up in the blog that my Soul knows I will find a precious jewel of wisdom, a smile, or a feeling of love and friendship.

Thank you lovely bloggers!

Love vs Control

When we think of LOVE, we do not associate it with control.

The romantic notion of LOVE conjures an image of two free souls flying in the ethers, oblivious to anybody else. There is psychedelic '70s music playing in the background where everything seems in slow motion. There are sunflowers, warm sun and there are no worries in the world, you're in heaven. (This image is taken from the Movie Forty Year Old Virgin!)

CRASH!!!! Back down to earth!

Once the honey moon period ends which in biological terms means when there has been enough time given so that the human species can reproduce, that 'loving feeling' suddenly disappears and seems a very distant memory.

How long does this lurvvvvve feeling last?

Generalizing now, anything from two months to eighteen months. But this is very general. It depends on external influences.

When the lurvvvve feeling goes, so do the rose tinted glasses. You see your love interest with cynical, even critical eyes. Suddenly your love conquest becomes someone you need to keep down at any cost.

This is not done in an obvious way (unless the individual has extreme trust issues) but little questions (gestapo style) start spilling out of your mouth.

You suddenly feel insecure, and try to recapture that initial loving feeling but cannot, so you rationalize that it's because he/she doesn't love you anymore.

Whereas before, there was not much conversation, for you to notice that you have absolutely nothing in common other than a physical attraction, now it is glaringly obvious that you have nothing in common, not even the physical.

This is where the 'relationship' might end (which realistically is a good idea if you notice there is no hope of your minds ever meeting!)

But, if you are a romantic, insecure, hopeful,or all three then you stick to it and think I will get him/her to love me AGAIN!

It was not LOVE love to begin with it was LUST!!!!!

Any way the control takes over which is of course, born out of fear and insecurities.

Suddenly, all these unspoken demands pop up from nowhere and if they are not psychically known then there are upsets, fights,stomping of the foot and weeping into your best friend's arms (hopefully not a friend of the opposite sex which spells disaster), saying that, you don't know why they've changed!

No, they have not changed, you can now see them as they ARE!!! And they can see you as YOU are!!

Control,is not only about expecting something from another it is also about expectations of situations.

For example, a woman may expect that the natural course of a relationship is to move in have kids(if you haven't had one already) and get married. Or you pretend you don't want to get married but live in fuming hope, becoming resentful each day because you are not being asked to become the wife, where you made it clear when you met that you are a free spirit and don't want to get married....... blah blah blah!

This is where communication needs to be learnt. NoW is when you need to tell each other what you want from each other. The lust stage didn't need you to communicate much as instinct ran most of the show.

Now, is where you tell each other what you want and listen to what the other wants.

'But that's not romantic, if he/she loves me they should know!!!!'

Who says that they should know?

Where do we get these presumptuous ideals?

'Love is patient,
Love is kind.
It does not envy,
It does not boast,
It is not proud.
It is not rude,
It is not self-seeking.
It is not easily angered,
It keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil
But rejoices in the truth.
It always protects,
Always trusts,
Always hopes,
Always perseveres.'

1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

The Angel guidance for today speaks of Abundance needing FAITH! Abundance is not just material gain, it is LOVE and JOY!

If we do not LOVE unconditionally, we cannot accept JOY, we cannot give LOVE and JOY!

Start today, by releasing control of situations, accept that 'GOD is in charge!' and give yourself some unconditional LOVE.

Then when it is time to share that LOVE, it will be coming from a pure place of LOVE and not control!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Go with the Ebb and Flow!

It still catches me off guard how one minute I can be soaring with the stars and then I am burrowing into the ground like a worm.

I am very sensitive to energy shifts, be it from the heavens or from people around me. I awoke with a heaviness I couldn't explain, other than I must have had a tiring dream night and there were things my sub conscious was still working on and my everyday consciousness, had not caught up yet.

I thought music would lift my spirits. So I turned the volume up and had a little dance (I waited for the kids to go to school of course, I don't want to give them disturbing nightmares!)

The music on the radio was from a time way back when I was a teenager myself. I was catapulted back to that time, and I remembered how much I loved to dance. Whatever was going on in my life I loved to 'boogie' (God am I that old?).

My troubles faded away and my limbs felt nimble and agile. I was a teenager again, attractive, carefree (not that I was a carefree child, I was born an old soul) and then I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror.

Argh!!!..... I've become one of those 'oldies' I used to laugh at dancing away at the 'DISCO'. It didn't matter how well they shook their stuff, the face, did not match the the rest of the 'package'.

So, I stopped...sat back down... and felt my energy just leave me.

As soon as I sat down a million other insecurities came knocking for my attention.

- I'm a crap Mum
- I'm a rubbish partner
- I don't have a proper job
- I am just a dreamer
- I am all talk and no action

On and on the list goes on.

Then for the finale, I started to think of my Mum. She died four years ago and even though I don't need the help of my 'happy' pills any more (anti depressants, not some illegal drug!) I still am taken aback at how intense my grief can be, especially when the 'tide is ebbing!'

I didn't feel very positive to post my Angel guidance early this morning, so I decided to check what was happening over at THHEGS. I joined the group Music-Soulfood on the network and read a comment by a fellow member. It was about music that reminded her of her Mum, who was in Spirit.

That was it, I went down a road that I knew would bring more pain. I listed all the songs that reminded me of Mum, since she passed away. I wrote my comment about it, cried a bucket full and then slumped over the computer, totally spent.

Tha Angel guidance for today suggests that there are cycles in life and with each ending of a cycle there is pain and grief. The Angels remind us we are not alone and if we ask, they are there to give us comfort and guidance for the next step.

Like the ebb and flow of the tide, it is a certain. There is pain/difficulty then there is happiness.

In times of low tide, maybe we just need to Stop and Surrender to the feelings it brings, however painful.

Soon enough, the tide will flow back, bringing with it new experiences, may be even some old experiences for you to 'notice' and then to let them go.

So instead of the mantra 'Go with the Flow', my new mantra is

GO with the EBB and FLOW!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Dreams Do Come True!

'Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.'
Belva Davis.

The Angel guidance today suggests that whatever you desire will come true! It asks you to be patient and to have faith and not to 'force' things to happen.

'Making things happen is an equation,it is as follows:


If we do not have one of these components it will not manifest, or it will manifest in a way which is not in the best interest for everyone involved.

The crystal for today is Clear Quartz, it is a master crystal, it speeds things up, it makes things happen, it makes all things clear.

Use the energy of the Quartz to clear your intentions releasing your dream off into the Universe.

As the quote by Davis states:

'Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality'

Release your dream having no expectation, releasing the need to control situations.

'If you can dream it, you can make it so.'

If you can dream it, it will become a REALITY.


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Body, Mind and Spirit

When we go through a big release, we may feel fluey, achy and panicky. It is the body's way of releasing toxins. It is the same when you receive a healing from a therapy such as Reiki or Crystal Therapy.

The physical body is just one aspect of who we are. We are made of subtle energetic bodies as well that are sensitive to external influences. The external create the internal thoughts, the thoughts create the feelings and this leads to behaviour and action.

It does not stop there. The internal, which with time become ingrained thoughts and behaviours react with the external. This is where old patterns and beliefs become fixed and difficult to change.

Exercise helps the process of removing 'stuff'. It helps to clear the mind, cleans the chakras ( energy centres in the body) and helps with elimination.

An exercise like yoga is ideal because it uses breath and slow intentional movements, putting yourself into your body. You become one with your spiritual being, having a full body, mind and spirit workout.

There is a time to just BE!
There is a time for MOVEMENT!
There is a time to PLAY!
A time to SLEEP!
A time to WEEP!

Enjoy each moment,be in your own body, experience life through this vehicle we have been given. Look after it, honour it, trust it that it will look after your Spirit whilst on your journey on Earth.

Feed it with Soulfull food, exercise it with gentle movements, rest it with deep sleep and calming moments.

Fill it with awe, expelling the old, outdated patterns, allowing space for the new.

Pamper it, love it, adorn it, but do the same for your Spiritual being it houses.

You are a Spiritual being on a human journey. Combine the two to understand who you really are!