Friday, 30 April 2010

Co-create your desires!

There is so much talk about 'letting go and letting God', that we may unwittingly fall into the belief that we don't have any say in our own destiny.

So, do we believe that our lives are pre-written and it doesn't matter what we do because God pulls the strings?

Or do we believe that we are the creators of our destiny, and when things don't go our way it is someone elses fault - God being on top of our list?

There is another way of seeing life - we are co-creators!

We need to first accept, acknowledge, give the Big guy credit, that without him we cannot do anything. He is the One the All is, and we are made in his likeness.

No, we are not God, but we can create just as he does. God knows the outcome whereas we cannot judge what will happen. For this to be possible we would need to know all the information of past, present future, all perceptions etc - Only God knows this.

Simply, we can create, as long as we co-create with God, trusting that God knows what is best for us.

This is what it means when we say, 'let go, Let God!'

Our job is to clear our intentions, our energy fields, by releasing negativity, inside and out.

Then we ask, for God's help - 'God, I choose to have......'

The operative word is 'choose' because this is an active word, it puts you in the creation, you are not just wanting which is sometime in the future and is not an action but a longing.

So you've cleared your intentions, cleared your energies, asked by showing you are co-operating with God.

This is what manifesting consciously is.

What happens from there is really not in your hands. What you do with what does come is YOUR choice. You can choose to carry on with what you have co-created, or you can let it go if it is not what you really want.

This is not bad, wrong or ungrateful, it is about opportunity.

Everything that is presented to you, is a creation of yours. YOU attracted it for a reason - whether it is to learn, release something or because you are resonating with that energy with the thing, person or situation which has come your way.

It is only a co-creation if you have actively acknowledged your part by asking, and choosing actively, with clear intentions and thoughts.

You are in effect saying, 'Right, I have thought about what I want and I choose to be an active part in my life. I acknowledge that the source of all life is God and for me to create divinely I need to co-create with the Divine'

If what you receive is not what you really want, then you can take what you have learnt from this. Maybe you need to clear up your intentions more, your energy and your alignment to God.

So clear your intentions and co-create your desires!


  1. Thanks for clearing that one up for me. I have always wondered if letting go and let God means to do nothing and wait. I was always uncomfortable with the do nothing.
    I am off to go and co-create!

  2. Yes it has been a frustrating one for me too. It takes practice but it feels so much better than just hanging around :)