Sunday, 28 February 2010

All is Alright!

It is a Full Moon today!

I am a 'sensitive' which basically means I am very sensitive to the energies around me from the environment, cosmos and other people.

I have been feeling very wobbly and having heart palpitations and dizziness. I have come to accept these feelings, however uncomfortable and celebrate them instead of fearing them.

When I do go into fear mode and think I am going to have a heart attack or combust into flames, I use by breath, re-centre and pray for more courage and assistance.

A few days before a Full Moon, I seem to feel these 'symptoms' more acutely. We all feel the phases of the moon, movement in the heavens, the electromagnetic fog from electrical appliances and the negativity/positivity of others. Some of us feel it or are more aware of it more than others.

I received a simple and clear message today which I would like to share:

All is Alright!

All is clear.
All is bright.
All is here.
All is alright!

Do what makes you feel alright!

The Angels guidance is to spend time alone in nature. Do what makes you feel feel bright, present and has clarity.

Reminding yourself, ALL IS ALRIGHT!!!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Ordinary Moments!

I am going to have fun today!

I am going to enjoy each moment, however mundane it may be (yes even the washing up) and practice totally Be-ing in the moment.

I am going to look for the Divine in all things, even when the children are fighting over the remote control for the T.V. I will smile and notice their mischievous souls playing tug of war just for the fun of it.

I will sit still content in my cat's presence, whilst he sits happily on my lap, without getting up after a minute because I need to do something.

I will totally listen to my partner when he is talking about cars (for the zillionth time) and appreciate all that he does and all that he is.

I will breath in the cold air and instead of moaning about the cold, wet UK weather, I will look at the puddles and see the reflection of the trees.

I will stop and notice the song of the birds.

I will, today count my blessings, pray for thanks, spread my arms high and say a Big


I will not get annoyed, angry or depressed, I will not complain or try to control events.

I will cherish all moments, however ordinary!

Who knows it might become a habit I can't break. It might even rub off on others too!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Honour Yourself!

The angels are being very persistent- love yourself,forgive yourself, heal yourself.

Today the message I am receiving is Honour Yourself!

When you are doing what you are passionate about, you feel joy, feel prosperous and feel connected to the Universe.

In my last posts I mention that when I am not aligned with my Soul I have neck and shoulder pains, I feel nauseous and low in energy.

This has been happening the last few days for me which has being quite perplexing.

I added more pages to my blog on the 23rd February and was on top of the world! I felt in my element, walking in my soul shoes and tuned on to the Universes energy.

The joy I felt made me realize I know what prosperity really means and it is not about being materially rich, but rich on a level I hadn't been able to understand other than intellectually.

But yesterday and today,I have been feeling not quite in that joy.

There seems to be a mismatch of energies. My Mentor co-coordinator forgot to give the reminder slip to one of my pupils I mentor, so she never turned up yesterday. Today,I miscalculated the time of my appointment with another pupil and I missed meeting him.

My neck and shoulders have been in agony, I feel sea-sick and the joy of a few days ago has disappeared.

So, what is going on?

On the bus ride home, in my mind popped the word 'Honour'.

I suddenly understood, I have not been honouring myself. I have been doing what I feel passionate about- mentor children, empowering them, helping them reach their potential, but I have compromised myself somehow.

I have not honoured myself enough to be shown the respect I deserve. I have not shown myself the respect I deserve. When there has been a mis communication with my coordinator, I have brushed it off saying, 'It is fine, no problem!'

But this has happened again, and I have to take note. So, even though I love what I do, I need to put out exactly what I will and will not accept. I have to be absolutely clear what it is I am offering and what I want from this service.

Do I want to earn money from what I do? Then I find a job where I can earn money. Do I need more experience? If I do then I put myself in a position where I can gain experience.

The point is, people treat you the way you let them. In energy terms, you get back what you give out.

You want to be honoured? Then honour yourself first!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

'Physician Heal Thyself '

Today's Angel guidance comes from one of my favourite Archangels - Raphael.

Archangel Raphael is the patron angel of healers and a guardian of the sacred knowledge of healing.

The crystal Snow Quartz is a gentler version of Clear Quartz, which is a stone Archangel Raphael is associated with, since it is a master healing stone having all the colours of the rainbow.

The guidance suggests to take the time to replenish your reserves, make yourself whole before you can assist another.

There seems to be a repetition in these messages; self-love, self-forgiveness, learning the lesson first, and now healing yourself first.

I find when I am running with something before I have fully integrated it into my being, I am pulled back, sometimes very painfully and made to listen!

Following guidance from your soul is not all fun and games!

If I don't stop and listen, I start to get pains in my neck and shoulders. My computer freezes up on me, if I am not writing something in alignment with my guidance. I start to feel irritated and fearful and even nauseous.

So, I surrender (eventually, since I can be stubborn) and LISTEN!

I try not over analyse things, accepting that maybe I am not supposed to understand the Whys? or the Hows?. I trust that Spirit wants what is in the best interest for me and my family, whatever that may be, and I start again.

I don't start from the very beginning, hopefully, I have gained some insight whilst listening, but I start to take smaller steps, instead of huge leaps. I stay alert for any detour I am guided to take and I try not to question the reasons(very hard if you're head strong).

Difficult to do, but not impossible!

'Physician Heal Thyself' Hebrew Proverb.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Today's Angel guidance suggests your perception of the world and yourself is changing. You may be having experiences and feelings that are new and feel strange.

The more you allow yourself to accept these 'gifts' of change, you will be able to utilize them for yourself first and then share them with others.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It teaches self-love, self- acceptance and aids acceptance of necessary change.

As you experience unconditional love your heart expands, strengthening empathy to yourself and others making you more receptive to beauty of all kinds.

Open your heart and accept with love!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Releasing past hurts!

The angel guidance today is about releasing past hurts!

In order to have a healthy marriage/relationship in the now, we need to release the past hurts and grievances from past relationships.

The earliest relationship we have is with our parents. We need to release any hurt we have associated to our parents first and foremost and accept that they did the best they could, given the knowledge and skills they had.

Secondly, we need to release the past hurts from our first love. Accept the learning we have gained from the relationship, thank them for it and let them go!

Do the same for all other romantic relationships you have had and feel the lightness and space it creates in your heart.

This new space frees your heart to fully love in the now, without holding any one in the past prisoner, or making your current partner a witness to your past pain.

The crystal helps to balance your body, mind and spirit. When you have released the past you re-centre and feel empowered ready to give your whole attention to your current relationship.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Some Me time!

The angel guidance for today is to look after yourself. Do what you need to do to replenish your reserves. Whatever you do, do it slower. Where ever you are, do it more mindfully. Re-touch base and enjoy getting back in touch with YOU!

The crystal guidance today is saying you are very loved and protected. There is always a calm before the storm. There are many changes on the horizon, use this time to call back yourself from where ever you have left yourself - in past relationships, pain, regrets, anything which is holding your focus in the past and not in the present.

It is time to take responsibility for your own actions, thoughts and feelings. You are in charge of your own destiny, you and the Divine together. You are not a leaf in the wind, you have roots, plant them deep into Mother Earth, and look upwards to the Universe, bringing down the love, insight and wisdom back down HERE!

Give yourself some Me time. Everybody benefits when you are whole and very present!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Daily Angel and Crystal Guidance

I just had an amazing meditation where It felt like I was being connected to a very high Source of spiritual guidance. I had to break away from the meditation as I felt it was too intense, so much so that I needed to ground myself down.

Whilst making a tea (tea grounds me quickly especially if accompanied with a biscuit) I had a random thought that I should pick an angel card daily for my blog and also a crystal.

As I have a natural affinity with both angels and crystals, I do this daily for myself, but the thought was very specifically for the blog. So as I am angelguided I offer you today's angel and crystal picked intuitively (may be this can be another post on how to pick cards, crystals or anything intuitively)

Angel card for today (Oracle cards 'Messages from your Angels' by Doreen Virtue)

Archangel Michael

'I am with you giving you the courage that will help you work on your Divine life purpose'


Green Aventurine

'Positive stone of Prosperity'

A comforter and heart healer. It dissolves negative emotions and thoughts.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

I was randomly surfing my blogging circle and found myself in Sai's blog. His post was dedicated to awards he was giving to other bloggers. I recognised most of them as they are blogs I read too. I then saw that Sai had left me an award aswell.

He wrote, angelguided, 'words of wisdom and light, her messages are truly empowering'.

I was so taken aback and greatly honoured by this act of kindness. I felt a sudden connection and peace take over me. Firstly, the fact that I had found myself in Sai's blog was evidence to me that Spirit was guiding me. Secondly, that a person half way round the world, had recognized something in me was a loving gentle reminder I needed, that all is well.

Thank you Sai, you are indeed a shining light and a connector of souls, a true lightworker!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Love yourself too!

Love what you do, but
Love yourself too.
Nurture your creations, but
Nurture yourself too.
Take pride in your creations, but
Be proud of yourself too.
Be patient with their development, but
Be patient with yourself too.
Share your creations with others, but
learn from them yourself too.

Everything you desire for others,
Give yourself too.
Give what you want to receive,
Teach what you want to learn.
Become whole first
Before joining with another,
to become TWO!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

New territory

I don't really know what to write today. I feel a little not like myself. I feel a little off balance as if I am in new territory. I feel like something is going on, on another level that my logical mind cannot understand. I am not even going to try to understand it.

I meditated for the first time in a while today, and it felt different than usual. It felt good to connect with myself, but it wasn't like it was before. I felt like the energy was subtler, finer and that I was in the middle of some darkness. The light was far in the distance but was coming towards me at speed. All the while there was a green light coming in and out of focus.

I became the light at one point and could see the darkness outside then inside of me. I saw a spiral of energy going downwards and then some dense 'stuff' came swooshing out.

After the meditation I felt a little off balance, a little disorientated. Something is happening that I cannot understand.

May be I'm not supposed to!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Message in a dream?

I have been having some strange dreams lately and have woken up thinking that maybe they are some message. But if they are giving me a message I have not been able to decipher their cryptic code.

Last night's dream was a little more clearer. I think my dream angels thought we better give her something easier since she's crap at this game.


I was alone in a shop looking for my partner, I stopped at a counter that had a block of pink note paper. I picked it up and on closer inspection I saw the writing 'BLOG' written on it.

I remember thinking in my dream, 'That's strange, I never thought you could post your blog on paper?'

I contemplated for a moment whether I should buy it, but decided I didn't need to as I could blog on the Internet instead.

I resumed my search for my partner, thinking all the while that It was not very nice of him to leave me here all alone. I passed a family, a Dad and a couple of teenage kids. The daughter was complaining that her brother was a push over since he had become a teenager. The Dad seemed like a big kid himself.

I remember feeling perplexed at the scene and felt irritated as I was becoming anxious that I was alone in this store with these people. I pushed past them and went outside, to look for the car. I realized I could call my partner but I didn't.

I remember feeling very confused and quite a victim, not able to understand how he could leave me alone amongst this chaos!


Writing the dream out makes it clearer to me and I realize that I need to STOP!!! what I'm doing and take notice of what is going on around me and what is happening inside me.

I have been guided to just BE for a while. I need to integrate all aspects of myself and prepare for what is coming. I need to be whole in order to be able to assimilate the changes the upheavals will bring.

What are these changes? I don't know, but I am been (angel) guided to turn in for a while and prepare for the next phase.

What are your dreams telling you?

Monday, 15 February 2010

Blocked Expression

I have been reading so many wonderful blogs these past few days and I have noticed a theme - EXPRESSION!

The need to express who we are is so intense. Some of us are lucky to be comfortable with the medium of words so we write, speak or sing our hearts secrets.

But that isn't enough, a writer needs their writing to be read, a speaker needs to be heard and a singer needs to have an audience.

Expression needs validation. Expression needs someone else to be witness to our existence. If we cannot express who we are we create blocks.

Blocked expression is the cause of many dis-eases. The throat is the seat of the will. If we cannot express our heart's desire, we end up with throat infections and swollen glands.

Freedom to express who you are is God's will. When we are accepted and acknowledged for who we are, we are connecting with not only the other, but the Divine.

How is your throat today?

Friday, 12 February 2010


Life has many twists and turns,
Some unsavoury, some full of joy.

When you lose your way on the winding road of life,
Do not lose hope, you are not alone.

Do not lose faith for you are supported and loved.
Do not beat yourself up, if you handled yourself badly.

Re-connect to the Divine, forgive yourself
Continue on your journey,
With new insight and rebuilt faith and love.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I haven't blogged for a while. I haven't done the usual things I do for a while. I have stopped doing some things that I have been doing for a while. I feel as if I have been reviewing all that I am and all that I do in order to find the authentic ME!

What remains is my passion to write, but write what I know and what I love. I have lost myself in the manic checking of my blog, to see if it is getting any hits, or comments or noticed at all in this vast cyber world. I have joined sites, looked at others blogs, felt a little inadequate and quite unsure of myself and my contributions.

But what remains is that I love to write, and it doesn't matter (I keep telling myself) who reads it, who comments or if it is of any interest to anyone. I write because it is a need that burns in my soul. It is the way I am wired, the way I make sense of the world.

Why don't I just keep it private in my journal? Why don't I feel enough satisfaction?

Because I am not happy until I have shared my stuff.

Am I looking for approval, for recognition, for a pat on the back?

May be!

Does it matter?

I just feel I need to share.

In my reviewing, I have finally, accepted my role here on earth. I have been dodging it for so long, by doing other things, training in other modalities, getting confused at what I should be doing.

I have always done this 'thing' that I have not felt good enough to integrate into my being. In fact it is in my being already, I have been ignoring it and shrugging it off as something that everyone does or can do.

I am a mentor.

There I said it!!

I mentor children at school, I mentor through my writing, I mentor my friends and family, I see potential in all and everything and have a need to empower others to the extent where I sometimes need to learn to butt out and help only if asked!

So here I am Christina Christou, writer, mentor, with a bag full of tools and skills and a lifetime (or more) of experiences waiting to be shared with whoever is asking!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Why Worry?

Why do we worry? We stress and fret we go over and over something in our mind we loose sleep over IT (whatever IT may be, a relationship, a job, a bad hair day) and when something is resolved we shift our attention to something else to worry about or even worse, mull over the worst case scenario of the situation which has now been resolved.

There are cases where it seems natural to worry, for example, when your teenage son is out all night and you wait for him to come home in the early hours, or when a loved one is sick, or if you don't have enough money to survive, etc

But what does worry really do?

Create more worry!

Worrying makes you ill in the long run, it overstimulates adrenaline production, putting your body into constant alert creating unrealistic reactions to all problems however small or large. This creates PANIC and panic attacks!

So, what to do when gripped in a worry cycle?

1. Press the pause button.

2. BREATH!!!

3. Make a conscious effort to CHOOSE not to think the worst.

4. Take back some control in a situation where you feel you have no control by being active in the situation.

For example, with the son out all night, pre-arrange with him to call you or for you to call at a certain time, or whatever else you decide together.

With the sick loved one, find out about the illness, be involved in their therapy, keep the channels of communication open, may be even sharing with them your concern and listening to their concerns.

With the bad hair day?!! What I do is put a hat on and get on with it (sorry for the lack of compassion here!!!)

If things are not working out for you, for example, there are constant arguments in your relationship; business deals keep falling through; you don't get the job you apply for,

You need to PAUSE and really take time to reflect what really matters to you.

Connect to how you feel, what is it you NEED to feel HAPPY?

Caroline Myss says,you need to separate what you WANT with what you NEED. Myss suggests that following what you WANT operates on a pain-pleasure scale easily tipped and broken, whereas following what you NEED is a deeper soul path, bringing challenges where you can discover your greatest talents and inner resources.

So, for example, you really WANTED that business deal? But it didn't work out. Your inner self is saying, 'I know you really WANT that but I know you NEED to do something else.

This approach may not help in making decisions easier, or stop you from worrying, But the inner clarity and wisdom that it brings will make your life much more fulfilling, and hopefully with less worry!!!!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Share your Light !!!

You are here to learn and

As you grow you are to

Do not be afraid,
You are supported and

You have the power inside to

LOVE, that's all you need to

Monday, 1 February 2010


Release the need to control situations and people.
Release the need to understand all situations and people.
Release the need to be understood in all situations and by all people.

Go with the flow.
Enjoy what you are experiencing.
Release expectation.
Look for the joy in all you do.
BE grateful!!!