Saturday, 20 February 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

I was randomly surfing my blogging circle and found myself in Sai's blog. His post was dedicated to awards he was giving to other bloggers. I recognised most of them as they are blogs I read too. I then saw that Sai had left me an award aswell.

He wrote, angelguided, 'words of wisdom and light, her messages are truly empowering'.

I was so taken aback and greatly honoured by this act of kindness. I felt a sudden connection and peace take over me. Firstly, the fact that I had found myself in Sai's blog was evidence to me that Spirit was guiding me. Secondly, that a person half way round the world, had recognized something in me was a loving gentle reminder I needed, that all is well.

Thank you Sai, you are indeed a shining light and a connector of souls, a true lightworker!

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