Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What is your Reality?

It is nearly the end of the month, but more importantly we are approaching the end of the old, the end of all that we have held to be true.

For myself all the old ways of being, thinking, reacting are finding their way to the surface and making their last plea for survival. There are more arguments, more misunderstandings but whereas the people I am involved with who are my greatest teachers,hold on to the interactions as a cause to blame, seek revenge and keep the negativity alive, I know that they are just the last remnants of my old self, being played out.Of course I can quite easily be taken prisoner and stay locked in a prison with my supporting actor, but I have learnt to quickly dismiss this scenario as an illusion and move on, even if my accomplice does not.

What is important to remind yourself at this time is that others are mirroring the last remnants of the old in you and there is no need to do any 'work' on yourself but just release it to allow the new to take hold. The more you are conscious of this the less chance there is to keep re-creating dramas that keep both of you locked in the old.

This is where relationships will either break or become stronger. By releasing all anger and revenge you are free to be all that you were meant to be. This could help to bring a new lightness to a relationship, the other basking in your light, allowing theirs to shine through. Or if the other is just not at that place yet, they will find it increasingly uncomfortable to be in your presence, as you will be a bright reflection of all that they are not and also will on some level know that they need to do the work and they are just not willing to do so.

It will become increasingly difficult for people who have a strong sense of service, who feel they have a mission to save the world. This is not possible anymore for each one of us has been called to make the choice alone. We all have been given free will where we are given the choice of moving to the new where all our creations will find fruition as all is functioning from the heart. Or we can stay where we are in the old functioning in an environment where the energy is of greed, materialism and ego.

People who find themselves torn, wanting to help their loved ones to move on to a place they know exists, will increasingly find they are continuously been disrespected, their creations even though they are heart felt will not take hold in this old energy and will become disillusioned and depressed.

It is a time where we all have to become more 'selfish' not in the sense of greed or manipulation but in self love and to fully acknowledge the saying of 'if you don't love yourself you cannot love anyone else'. Also the saying, 'If you love someone let them go.' We are all here on this planet at this time with our own lessons and agendas. The overall theme is love, but we are not meant to meddle in each others lives, however much our need to help.

Last night I had intense dreams of the end of the old world and the beginning of the new world. I cannot remember the details but I 'know' the overall truth. I also 'saw' my deceased mum in my dream sitting at a stadium wearing a baseball cap, with an intense expression of anticipation on her face. I felt she was watching to see what choices I am going to make, what choices we are going to make. The whole Universe is watching us, we are the highlight of the celestial world at the moment. Our decisions are important to them as we are part of the whole, what we do affects the whole.

We are all being lovingly nudged by our guides which we can 'hear' as our sub-conscious to make choices for our higher good. Again it is our choice if we want to listen. We are also being lovingly supported by our non-physical friends of light. We are not alone, but we do need to make the individual decision of where we want our reality to be.

Much love and compassion

Christina xx

Friday, 26 August 2011

Find Truth through LOVE!

About a year ago I was told by a fellow blogger to search for what I believe and to stop using other's opinions, quotes, theories etc. I love to read what other people have to say on matters that are important to me. I even admit that their opinions may have helped to develop most of my beliefs.

I have been feeling very restless these past few days. I am very conscious of Moon energies and a New Moon is approaching on ther 28th August. I also 'know' that there are many planetary events taking place in the heavens and even today there are reports of a 'new' planet being discovered made out of diamonds.

I am becoming bombarded by lots of conflicting messages; I am on the one hand reading and channelling angelic, loving energies of having faith and having trust in all happening in Divine perfect order. On the other hand I am reading about the Illuminati- the people in higher places (I suggest you do your own research on this) trying to create a New World Order and creating situations (illusions) in order to keep us from seeing the truth.

What is the truth?

My son came to visit from Cyprus and we had a wonderful 3 weeks together. He is 20 years old and into Christianity. He is not following any particular church but is leaning to the side of everything that is not through Jesus Christ is heresy. Since I have more open minded views he 'lovingly' sees me as a lost soul taken over by the dark side.

We had a couple of 'loving' chats about love, life and peace and I felt I conveyed that where he believes Jesus is God incarnate on Earth to show us how much he loves us, I believe that Christ is a consciousness. I expressed that the Jesus story, whether real in historical fact, is not an issue for me as I believe that it is an allegory about spreading the Light of God, and Jesus is the pure example of this Light.

Of course this became more than a loving chat and we both found ourselves defending our beliefs. I ended the conversation saying that I believe there is One Truth and many ways to this. He replied, 'How do you know? How do you know if you do not have Jesus Christ in your life?'

I replied telling him I have Christ in my heart as we all do, it is the process of opening the heart that helps us to the TRUTH.

I have been ploughing the Internet today and yesterday looking for the TRUTH of what is happening to our planet and the cosmos and to us. I found lots of information, but for some reason I could not read any of it - either it was too scientific, too metaphysical, or too alien- like.

I realised that we need to look for the answers ourselves. The TRUTH is within us, it is in all we are doing, all that we are thinking, all that we are feeling. If I think a certain way this creates a certain truth for me. If I feel a certain way this is an indication of how I have been thinking. If I am doing something that is not in par with who I am, how I feel and how I think, then I am further from the TRUTH.

Keep it simple: Think with love, feel the love and do with love - anything else is less than the TRUTH!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

What is happening in the UK?

Watching the news today and yesterday I am very sadened at what is happening with our youth. They are looting, setting businesses and homes on fire, assaulting others and having total disregard for authority or others. It was quite frightening today when I was parked in Bearwood High Street in Birmingham. All the shops where shutting down, on advice from the police. I felt the fear thick in the air.

I have been more sadened by the response from people though. Yes, these young people are totally out of order, they are abusing and violating laws and boundaries and it must be very frightening and devastating for the people who have lost through these riots. But, what saddens me the most is how people write off these youths as 'ferral', 'vermin'.

I replied to a facebook comment that suggested that these young people needed a good smack to learn respect. I responded that they would not learn respect from a smack and maybe the youth were reflecting a general unrest in all mankind and through their actions, however wrong, were gaining public airing for something to be done about it. The response I received showed me that people have a lot to say about wrong doing, giving themselves as examples of good behaviour, but are not willing to be a part in the promoting of the peace.

What do I think is happening in the bigger scheme of things?

There is a lot of cosmic energy aiding the moving forward of our new world. Whatever does not match the new has to go. Unfortunately, this comes out in chaos, destruction and loss. There has to be a clean slate for the light to take hold.

Why the young?

The young are the ones that will lead the new world. They are embodying more light but darkness hangs around waiting to embody what matches it. Unfortunately, there is so much that matches it in what the young watch, play and do, that this causes alot of collision.

If more people could hold on to the end result, i.e. the progressing into the light, without getting too involved in the drama (difficult if the riots directly affect you) then big change can happen quickly with not too much heartache. But on saying that heartache can be another catalyst in pulling people together. The world has its eyes on the UK at the moment and feels our pain.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of this - unity or more separation?