Sunday, 10 April 2011

Feel your Thoughts Happy!

A while ago I stopped writing my blog as I felt I was not revealing what I thought, what I believed. I feel that as time moves, I have been going backward and forward, even standing still at times. I have read more books, this is something that I will always do as this is one of my passions. I have been more selective in what I read though. I have been reading Jerry and Esther Hick's books on the 'Law of Attraction'. The main point the books are conveying is that we think our reality and our feelings are our guidance system. In other words, if we feel good, our thoughts are creating what we want, if we feel not so good our, thoughts are not creating what we want.

It doesn't end there, they are been told these things by a collection of light beings through Esther Hicks, called Abraham. When we are thinking of things we do not want in our life, for example, we are in poverty and we wish we had more money etc, this sends of rockets of desire into the Universe and our Spiritual self goes and collects all the components for us not to be in poverty.

The next bit is the difficult bit, we need to allow all this stuff that our Spiritual self is collecting for us. What does this mean? It means we have to think we already have these things. How????

We need to think our new reality. If we still carry on thinking about how poor we are and how we want to be rich, we will attract more of the same. But at the same time our Spiritual self is out collecting more stuff of what we want, therefore accumulating a huge amount of wealth for us. Or physical self has to just align with the Spiritual and allow it in.

Easier said than done!

One of the books, 'Ask and it is Given', has 22 processes which help you to get from where you are to where you want to be, which is in joy , love and peace. It is not just about thinking positively. Realistically if you are in poverty and haven't got two pence to rub together however many positive thoughts you conjure up, you cannot physically feel better. But you can start to feel a little relief by finding some thought that makes you feel a little better.

This is where feelings play a role. If you feel good, you will then think a better thought, if you think a better thought you will feel better. This will attract more good feeling experiences. It needs perseverance and faith though and it needs a belief that we are already enjoying all that we desire in the spiritual and we just need to align with all that here in the physical.

Yes, this has made a big impact on me. I have found it helpful when I am feeling lost and alone, sometimes nothing works, sometimes just thinking of how my cat is so loving is all that is needed to give me some relief. It will work for everyone, it probably works already for others only that they call it religion, love or connected to Source.

I will end with one piece of insight from all my learning;

'It doesn't matter what you read, what you learn, who you learn it from. If the learner is not ready to allow this information in then it is of no use. But, it is there anyway, ready, waiting for the learner to awaken enough, to allow it in. Nothing is lost in the eyes of God - not even yourself, when you feel lost and alone. It takes faith and courage to allow this truth to filter in from your soul into your heart. And then it needs trust to allow this to enter into your life, relationships and all you do.'