Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Mary Magdalene - Forgive!

It seems fitting that I drew the card of Mary Magdalene, it being Easter week. The card has one word on it - FORGIVENESS!

Whatever your religious views on who the Mary Magdalene was, she is a part of historical and spiritual significance, in the Jesus story.

Where there is controversy there is always some truth, even if it be distorted. The fact that there has been such heated debate at who she was in relation to the man Jesus is evidence that 'truth' has been hidden.

Legend says that Mary Magdalene was from Magdala, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, where her family had a castle called Magdalon; she was the sister of Lazarus and of Martha, and they were the children of noble parents some say, royal descendants of the House of David. On the death of their father, Syrus, they inherited vast riches and possessions in land, which were equally divided between them. (Taken from the Nazareen way of Essene Studies)

In Wikipedia it says, 'In recent years there has been a great restoration of the New Testament figure of Mary Magdalene as a patron of women's preaching and ministry. ..........recognition that Mary Magdalene has been the victim of a historical defamation of character........repentant prostitute in historical tradition,....'

According to all four Gospels she was the first person to see the resurrected Christ.
Mary Magdalene is referred to in early Christian writings as "the apostle to the apostles."

In apocryphal texts, she is portrayed as a visionary and leader of the early movement, who was loved by Jesus more than the other disciples.

The Gospel of Mary, written in the second century, see Mary as the special disciple of Jesus who has a deeper understanding of his teachings.

Many speculations, have emerged regarding Mary that she was Jesus' wife and even that she bore some children by him.

The Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican churches see Mary Magdalene to be a saint,being celebrated on July 22. The Eastern Orthodox churches commemorate her on the Sunday of the Myrrhbearers which is the second Sunday after Pascha (Easter).

Celia Fenn in her site starchild writes about Easter as, 'In the traditional Christian community, it is the celebration of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. But, in reality, it is a reworking of the ancient archetypal story of the death of the masculine principle and its miraculous rebirth and resurrection through the Feminine principle.'

Celia continues to say, 'So, how did this ancient story become a central part of the celebrations of the Christian year? In the case of the Christian story, there was indeed a masculine and a feminine principle incarnated in Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. They came to the Earth as Avatars to bring the seeds of the New Consciousness, that which we call the Christ Consciousness, to the western world. This was done through the work and teachings of both of them in Israel, and later by Mary Magdalene in France. The Seeds of the Christ Light that are flowering now were laid down two thousand years ago.......'

Back to forgiveness!

Easter is a time to lay down to rest all that has gone, is not serving us and to re-birth, resurrect our cleansed spirit. So whatever story you believe in about Mary Magdalene, her message today is universal - Forgiveness!

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