Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Release! Allow! Be!

Today, I have been made to stop in my tracks and change direction with everything I have tried to do. I started writing my blog early this morning, but the computer was not responding! I was being thrown out of the blog, I could not upload any photos and the keys on the key board kept getting stuck.

In the end I had ran out of time and I needed to be out of the house in 10 minutes to see my student that I mentor. Once at school, I 'knew' the student would not turn up. Am I psychic? Maybe, but more to the point, I was taking note of what was happening around me.

My student didn't turn up, I asked for him to be sent to me and we had a little chat about honouring the mentoring relationship. I gave him the options to stop meeting or to continue. If he wanted to continue, he had to be HERE!

On the bus journey home, a girl came on the bus and my thoughts jumped to a soap opera I had watched the previous evening where the girl looked like one of the actors. I was thinking that the scene in the soap was quite intense as it was a gang of teenagers intimidating a girl.

Whilst I was in my random thought, I heard a couple of women sitting behind me, mention the same scene, I was just thinking about. 'How freaky!' I thought. But was it freaky?

I have been having these synchronicity meetings non-stop recently in one way or another. Following are some example;

1) I am typing a word and someone on the T.V. says the exact word at the same time I am typing.

2) I am reading and the word I am reading is either said by someone on the T.V or the kids.

3) I check my mail and I receive a Newsletter from the Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss and her article is on 'Synchronicity'.

4) My writing reflects what other people are saying.

So, what is happening?

We need to stop and look around us and take in what is happening in our lives.

Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you honoring yourself? Are you being true to yourself? Are you following your heart?

Synchronicity, obstructions, detours are all nudges from your Soul to make you STOP! and LISTEN! LOOK! FEEL! and BE!

Release all, to allow in the NEW!
Move aside to let the sun shine though!
Just BE!
Notice the love in all,

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