Sunday, 14 March 2010

Respect your Dreams!

Even ideal situations sometimes require adjustments as you move forward. Patience pays off and so does having faith and eventually you can reap the rewards. But there are times when it seems you need something else, as well to make things happen.

I planted a variety of seeds a few weeks ago and some have made a show. They have sprouted out, courageously, fearless of what is in store for them.

I planted some sweet corn, courgettes, tomatoes, chives and aubergines. My sweet corn were the first to show their little pale green stem. I made such a fuss over the first one, welcoming it into the big wide world.

The following day I noticed another had sprouted, then another and another. I made the same amount of fuss to these newcomers whilst my children looked on in disdain.

I checked on the other seeds to see their progress and noticed that there didn't seem like much was happening. By the evening when I checked again, I saw that the chives were making a show too.

It bothered me though why my other seeds had not made a show. A barrage of questions came out;

Had I done something wrong?
Did I add too much water,too quickly?
Did I not put enough soil?
Was I not being patient enough?
Did I not have faith that they would grow?
Did they not like me singing to them?

This morning I had a lovely surprise. I found that one of my tomato seeds had germinated and had become a little sprout. I was elated, I welcomed it like the others. This restored my faith and made me realize that my analogy of seeds being dreams had a new component in it - RESPECT for the uniqueness of each seed (dream).

The new equation is as follows;


Respect your individual dreams, however similar they may seem to other peoples or other ideas. Respect that each dream needs its own time to develop and grow into the reality you want it to become.


  1. Ahh patience, thou art such a thorn! Great timing for this one, a heartfelt thank you as I have been trying NOT to dig up seeds to see if they are growing.

  2. Difficult one!I can fully relate :)