Friday, 5 March 2010

Go with the Ebb and Flow!

It still catches me off guard how one minute I can be soaring with the stars and then I am burrowing into the ground like a worm.

I am very sensitive to energy shifts, be it from the heavens or from people around me. I awoke with a heaviness I couldn't explain, other than I must have had a tiring dream night and there were things my sub conscious was still working on and my everyday consciousness, had not caught up yet.

I thought music would lift my spirits. So I turned the volume up and had a little dance (I waited for the kids to go to school of course, I don't want to give them disturbing nightmares!)

The music on the radio was from a time way back when I was a teenager myself. I was catapulted back to that time, and I remembered how much I loved to dance. Whatever was going on in my life I loved to 'boogie' (God am I that old?).

My troubles faded away and my limbs felt nimble and agile. I was a teenager again, attractive, carefree (not that I was a carefree child, I was born an old soul) and then I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror.

Argh!!!..... I've become one of those 'oldies' I used to laugh at dancing away at the 'DISCO'. It didn't matter how well they shook their stuff, the face, did not match the the rest of the 'package'.

So, I stopped...sat back down... and felt my energy just leave me.

As soon as I sat down a million other insecurities came knocking for my attention.

- I'm a crap Mum
- I'm a rubbish partner
- I don't have a proper job
- I am just a dreamer
- I am all talk and no action

On and on the list goes on.

Then for the finale, I started to think of my Mum. She died four years ago and even though I don't need the help of my 'happy' pills any more (anti depressants, not some illegal drug!) I still am taken aback at how intense my grief can be, especially when the 'tide is ebbing!'

I didn't feel very positive to post my Angel guidance early this morning, so I decided to check what was happening over at THHEGS. I joined the group Music-Soulfood on the network and read a comment by a fellow member. It was about music that reminded her of her Mum, who was in Spirit.

That was it, I went down a road that I knew would bring more pain. I listed all the songs that reminded me of Mum, since she passed away. I wrote my comment about it, cried a bucket full and then slumped over the computer, totally spent.

Tha Angel guidance for today suggests that there are cycles in life and with each ending of a cycle there is pain and grief. The Angels remind us we are not alone and if we ask, they are there to give us comfort and guidance for the next step.

Like the ebb and flow of the tide, it is a certain. There is pain/difficulty then there is happiness.

In times of low tide, maybe we just need to Stop and Surrender to the feelings it brings, however painful.

Soon enough, the tide will flow back, bringing with it new experiences, may be even some old experiences for you to 'notice' and then to let them go.

So instead of the mantra 'Go with the Flow', my new mantra is

GO with the EBB and FLOW!

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