Friday, 12 March 2010

Coming Home!

It is good to take a journey sometimes! You can recharge your batteries, lose yourself in the moment and see things from a different perspective.

But, it is even better Coming HOME, especially if home is where you associate where the heart is!

Yesterday, I took myself off to venture into my own thoughts, my own feelings, following my own counsel. It was very insightful, but very lonely!

I felt very far away from Home, very far away from my heart!

Even though, I enjoyed my loneliness in the beginning, feeling quite rebellious and independent, after a while, I felt quite empty and dis-connected!

When I opened my eyes this morning and looked out of the window at the sky, I felt a sudden feeling of recognition. I knew I was back Home, I felt back on line with who I am and what I am doing here.

Yesterday, I took myself off on a journey into the world of my mind, I did not want to be in my heart. The further I drifted, the more confused and lost I became.

But, one thing helped me not drift too far - the memory of Home! I knew with not only my mind, but my heart, that I could return back Home whenever I felt like it.

With one little shift of perception, I could be back Home!

Sometimes, we need to venture off alone, to realize what we have back at HOME!


  1. Welcome HOME AngelGuided. You are spot on and the message is well received. I shall pause myself and go home. Thank you!