Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Body, Mind and Spirit

When we go through a big release, we may feel fluey, achy and panicky. It is the body's way of releasing toxins. It is the same when you receive a healing from a therapy such as Reiki or Crystal Therapy.

The physical body is just one aspect of who we are. We are made of subtle energetic bodies as well that are sensitive to external influences. The external create the internal thoughts, the thoughts create the feelings and this leads to behaviour and action.

It does not stop there. The internal, which with time become ingrained thoughts and behaviours react with the external. This is where old patterns and beliefs become fixed and difficult to change.

Exercise helps the process of removing 'stuff'. It helps to clear the mind, cleans the chakras ( energy centres in the body) and helps with elimination.

An exercise like yoga is ideal because it uses breath and slow intentional movements, putting yourself into your body. You become one with your spiritual being, having a full body, mind and spirit workout.

There is a time to just BE!
There is a time for MOVEMENT!
There is a time to PLAY!
A time to SLEEP!
A time to WEEP!

Enjoy each moment,be in your own body, experience life through this vehicle we have been given. Look after it, honour it, trust it that it will look after your Spirit whilst on your journey on Earth.

Feed it with Soulfull food, exercise it with gentle movements, rest it with deep sleep and calming moments.

Fill it with awe, expelling the old, outdated patterns, allowing space for the new.

Pamper it, love it, adorn it, but do the same for your Spiritual being it houses.

You are a Spiritual being on a human journey. Combine the two to understand who you really are!

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