Saturday, 27 March 2010


Meditate - 'Think deeply and quietly' (Oxford pocket school dictionary)

Most people are more familiar with another meaning to meditate - the lotus position with eyes closed with an expression of serene peace.

Another explanation of meditate is taking the two above explanation and using them to describe what meditating allows you to do.

If prayer lets you speak to God!

Mediation lets God speak to you!

How does this tie in the two explanations?

When we pray, we may not be sitting crossed legged, but we do turn our thoughts inward to find that place of peace to give our woes or praise to God.

When we meditate we are just being present in the moment, allowing thoughts to float by. In this quiet space we are able to 'hear' 'deep thoughts, quietly' thoughts from God, your guides, the Angels, your higher self. This is when you are able to be with the Divine.

Being in nature can help the process of meditation, either in the deep thinking, or the being still, they are both direct channels to God.

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