Monday, 15 February 2010

Blocked Expression

I have been reading so many wonderful blogs these past few days and I have noticed a theme - EXPRESSION!

The need to express who we are is so intense. Some of us are lucky to be comfortable with the medium of words so we write, speak or sing our hearts secrets.

But that isn't enough, a writer needs their writing to be read, a speaker needs to be heard and a singer needs to have an audience.

Expression needs validation. Expression needs someone else to be witness to our existence. If we cannot express who we are we create blocks.

Blocked expression is the cause of many dis-eases. The throat is the seat of the will. If we cannot express our heart's desire, we end up with throat infections and swollen glands.

Freedom to express who you are is God's will. When we are accepted and acknowledged for who we are, we are connecting with not only the other, but the Divine.

How is your throat today?


  1. haha! My throat is good!! BUT my throat used to not be and I had glandular fever as a teenager! You are so right, since writing my blog it has unblocked a lot in my life xx

  2. I find that repressed anger also creates throat problems. Until I found poetry as a release as a teenager, I was always getting throat infections. I think doctors should prescribe writing instead of pills xx

  3. you know what! I went to a naturopath once who DID prescribe writing ( i was having anxiety attacks) only took me about 3 or 4 years to put this into practice!!!

  4. Spot on. After one really difficult day I realized I had not written a thing. Didn't have time to write. I took a piece of paper out and wrote 'thank you.' Unbelievable release. I still do that during the day. Thank you!

  5. Oh thank you Beth, I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't write. My little girl has a throat infection, you have given me an idea of how to get her to express her heart. She can write down ten things she is thankful for and maybe this will get her to share her heart! :)