Sunday, 28 February 2010

All is Alright!

It is a Full Moon today!

I am a 'sensitive' which basically means I am very sensitive to the energies around me from the environment, cosmos and other people.

I have been feeling very wobbly and having heart palpitations and dizziness. I have come to accept these feelings, however uncomfortable and celebrate them instead of fearing them.

When I do go into fear mode and think I am going to have a heart attack or combust into flames, I use by breath, re-centre and pray for more courage and assistance.

A few days before a Full Moon, I seem to feel these 'symptoms' more acutely. We all feel the phases of the moon, movement in the heavens, the electromagnetic fog from electrical appliances and the negativity/positivity of others. Some of us feel it or are more aware of it more than others.

I received a simple and clear message today which I would like to share:

All is Alright!

All is clear.
All is bright.
All is here.
All is alright!

Do what makes you feel alright!

The Angels guidance is to spend time alone in nature. Do what makes you feel feel bright, present and has clarity.

Reminding yourself, ALL IS ALRIGHT!!!

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