Saturday, 27 February 2010

Ordinary Moments!

I am going to have fun today!

I am going to enjoy each moment, however mundane it may be (yes even the washing up) and practice totally Be-ing in the moment.

I am going to look for the Divine in all things, even when the children are fighting over the remote control for the T.V. I will smile and notice their mischievous souls playing tug of war just for the fun of it.

I will sit still content in my cat's presence, whilst he sits happily on my lap, without getting up after a minute because I need to do something.

I will totally listen to my partner when he is talking about cars (for the zillionth time) and appreciate all that he does and all that he is.

I will breath in the cold air and instead of moaning about the cold, wet UK weather, I will look at the puddles and see the reflection of the trees.

I will stop and notice the song of the birds.

I will, today count my blessings, pray for thanks, spread my arms high and say a Big


I will not get annoyed, angry or depressed, I will not complain or try to control events.

I will cherish all moments, however ordinary!

Who knows it might become a habit I can't break. It might even rub off on others too!


  1. And today shall be enjoyed because of writers like you! Thanks for stopping me, mid stream, from looking at the ice and snow outside thinking aaaauuugggghhh, I too shall look for the reflections! Thank you

  2. Thank you too Beth, comments like this add to my resolve at having a good day! :)