Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Message in a dream?

I have been having some strange dreams lately and have woken up thinking that maybe they are some message. But if they are giving me a message I have not been able to decipher their cryptic code.

Last night's dream was a little more clearer. I think my dream angels thought we better give her something easier since she's crap at this game.


I was alone in a shop looking for my partner, I stopped at a counter that had a block of pink note paper. I picked it up and on closer inspection I saw the writing 'BLOG' written on it.

I remember thinking in my dream, 'That's strange, I never thought you could post your blog on paper?'

I contemplated for a moment whether I should buy it, but decided I didn't need to as I could blog on the Internet instead.

I resumed my search for my partner, thinking all the while that It was not very nice of him to leave me here all alone. I passed a family, a Dad and a couple of teenage kids. The daughter was complaining that her brother was a push over since he had become a teenager. The Dad seemed like a big kid himself.

I remember feeling perplexed at the scene and felt irritated as I was becoming anxious that I was alone in this store with these people. I pushed past them and went outside, to look for the car. I realized I could call my partner but I didn't.

I remember feeling very confused and quite a victim, not able to understand how he could leave me alone amongst this chaos!


Writing the dream out makes it clearer to me and I realize that I need to STOP!!! what I'm doing and take notice of what is going on around me and what is happening inside me.

I have been guided to just BE for a while. I need to integrate all aspects of myself and prepare for what is coming. I need to be whole in order to be able to assimilate the changes the upheavals will bring.

What are these changes? I don't know, but I am been (angel) guided to turn in for a while and prepare for the next phase.

What are your dreams telling you?

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