Friday, 26 February 2010

Honour Yourself!

The angels are being very persistent- love yourself,forgive yourself, heal yourself.

Today the message I am receiving is Honour Yourself!

When you are doing what you are passionate about, you feel joy, feel prosperous and feel connected to the Universe.

In my last posts I mention that when I am not aligned with my Soul I have neck and shoulder pains, I feel nauseous and low in energy.

This has been happening the last few days for me which has being quite perplexing.

I added more pages to my blog on the 23rd February and was on top of the world! I felt in my element, walking in my soul shoes and tuned on to the Universes energy.

The joy I felt made me realize I know what prosperity really means and it is not about being materially rich, but rich on a level I hadn't been able to understand other than intellectually.

But yesterday and today,I have been feeling not quite in that joy.

There seems to be a mismatch of energies. My Mentor co-coordinator forgot to give the reminder slip to one of my pupils I mentor, so she never turned up yesterday. Today,I miscalculated the time of my appointment with another pupil and I missed meeting him.

My neck and shoulders have been in agony, I feel sea-sick and the joy of a few days ago has disappeared.

So, what is going on?

On the bus ride home, in my mind popped the word 'Honour'.

I suddenly understood, I have not been honouring myself. I have been doing what I feel passionate about- mentor children, empowering them, helping them reach their potential, but I have compromised myself somehow.

I have not honoured myself enough to be shown the respect I deserve. I have not shown myself the respect I deserve. When there has been a mis communication with my coordinator, I have brushed it off saying, 'It is fine, no problem!'

But this has happened again, and I have to take note. So, even though I love what I do, I need to put out exactly what I will and will not accept. I have to be absolutely clear what it is I am offering and what I want from this service.

Do I want to earn money from what I do? Then I find a job where I can earn money. Do I need more experience? If I do then I put myself in a position where I can gain experience.

The point is, people treat you the way you let them. In energy terms, you get back what you give out.

You want to be honoured? Then honour yourself first!