Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Releasing past hurts!

The angel guidance today is about releasing past hurts!

In order to have a healthy marriage/relationship in the now, we need to release the past hurts and grievances from past relationships.

The earliest relationship we have is with our parents. We need to release any hurt we have associated to our parents first and foremost and accept that they did the best they could, given the knowledge and skills they had.

Secondly, we need to release the past hurts from our first love. Accept the learning we have gained from the relationship, thank them for it and let them go!

Do the same for all other romantic relationships you have had and feel the lightness and space it creates in your heart.

This new space frees your heart to fully love in the now, without holding any one in the past prisoner, or making your current partner a witness to your past pain.

The crystal helps to balance your body, mind and spirit. When you have released the past you re-centre and feel empowered ready to give your whole attention to your current relationship.

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