Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Working Back from the Results

Today started off full of promise where I jumped out of bed with my mind buzzing with ideas. I quickly wrote them all down in my journal and started to put together my thoughts for my forthcoming talks on 7th and 8th June.

As I was rehearsing my talk I found myself distracted by internal and external events, e.g: cat meowing for food; my tummy rumbling; partner coming in and out of the kitchen. I felt my resolve quickly transforming into frustration. So, I decided to take my work to the library. As I parked near the library I changed my mind as I didn't fancy walking through the rain to sit in a stuffy room with other computer users whilst I tried to create.

This pattern continued through lunch time until I decided to practice what I was trying to share. I meditated with my crystals and let them help me release my internal blocks to creating, which were evidently being symbolically shown to me in my external world.

Did this stop the distractions? No, of course not: I watched 'Loose Women' (a women's chat show) and had something else to eat, read my emails, went on face book and then sat down to write this post. As I was in my flow I got a call from my loving other half to help him with something...

So, what is this all about?

Sometimes, it is not enough to have that brilliant idea; the best tools and techniques to move on; the time or space. It is about knowing, what it is you want to achieve. You need to have the result in the fore of your mind and work back ward.

This is sometimes harder for creative people who need to be in the moment; to get the inspiration; to go with the feeling. I have all that, what I need at the moment is structure to keep me focused.

I continued with my ‘running around’ for another two hours where I picked up my son from work, went food shopping and booked a client in for crystal therapy. In amongst all this I also promised my event organizer that I would have my bio ready within the hour (I never said which hour J )

Food is in the oven I am back on the lap top and finishing off this post. My head is clearer even if my body is more tired. There are still hours left in this day where I can finish what I started at 7 am this morning.

Message from my angels (Have just picked myself an angel card as I write)

‘I am the Angel of Marriage and I am assisting you right now!!’

In other words, I need to find some time for my other half…today!!!!