Christina is a Holistic life mentor. She uses a combination of traditional mentoring techniques such as goal setting and counselling techniques including C.B.T. and other talk therapies. She sees the person as a whole therefore tackles the Mind, body and spirit, giving you guidance and teaching you  how to support yourself through nutrition, exercise, relaxation and meditation.

Christina will use counselling skills to help you unravel your feelings, using techniques and tools from her Book, Write Therapy.  She will use her mentoring skills to empower you, finding options together which serve you. Together you will set goals, make lists and work on anything which is presented.

Your holistic life mentor has been attuned to reiki and is a holistic crystal therapist who has studied in depth a holistic way of healing, using crystals and essential oils and relaxation techniques. She  can assist you with clearing blockages on an emotional, mental and physical level.

The mentoring programme is tailored to suit the individual and can be offered via Skype or email.