Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Dear Diary

I have written in you for years
You have helped me with my fears
I have poured all I have inside
Things that I have learnt to hide.

You have helped me through
Confusion, through pain and love
I have found in your pages
All that I am.

My mind needs your help
To straighten out the thoughts
To unravel the tangled emotions
That are caught in its claws.

I trust you to listen to allow
Me the time
For in your world there is 
No time-

Just space and patience
A place where I can
Lay the past to rest
Bearing all of it 
Not just the best.

Your lines give me structure
To create a new path
You are open and welcoming
Like a loving old Aunt

You lay there waiting for me
Never pushing or pleading
Ready for me whenever
My heart is bleeding or needing
A release.

Thank you dear Dairy
Thank you for your peace

Friday, 4 April 2014

Write Therapy

'Set yourself a challenge; decide to really listen to how people talk; whether,
they are problem talkers or solution talkers. You will be amazed at what you
will hear. The more you become attuned to people’s ‘talk’ the easier it will be
to work on your own ‘talk’... ' Write Therapy Chapter 2 Christina Christou

I have written a book compiled of all the tools I have learned through the years. Write Therapy - using the power of words to heal the past and create the life you want, is a self-help book using journaling and the law of attraction.

The book is being promoted by a new publishing concept where the reader helps decide if the Author receives a publishing contract. I need 250 pre-orders for the book to be published.

Take a visit to the website Britains Next Best Seller and help promote other authors too.

Love Christina