Welcome to Angel guided!

My name is Christina Christou,

I am a holistic life mentor and author of Write Therapy - using the power of writing to heal the past and create the life you want. I connect with the Angels for guidance daily and use crystals to assist my own healing and own journey.

My passion is writing; I write for pleasure and I write articles on a site called Helium.com. I specialize in relationship and spiritual articles, using my knowledge and experience to empower others.
I also am a contributor to a wonderful blog called WRITERSRISING.

I have been on my own journey for a long time and I have been very fortunate to have been mentored and have received healing and support by wonderful physical and non physical beings.

I try to follow my guidance in all I do. I was guided to create this blog and to offer my services. I feel blessed and honoured that the Angels have entrusted me to be a mediator.

 If you are guided to read a post on the blog, or read one of my articles on Helium, or have an angel card reading or crystal healing then that is what is needed for you. Spirit knows what is in your highest interest.

Finding yourself is an ongoing process, I offer a stepping stone along your way. I can show you some skills and tools I have learnt and used along my own personal journey, that may help you in your own life.