Monday, 18 October 2010

What If.......?

What if, we are here on planet Earth to experience all that is?
What if, this is the only place in the Universe where we are privileged to experience it all, the good and the bad?
What if, we are in control of what we experience, and all that happens to us is created from our thoughts?
What if we are the masters of our world?
What if, we came here to Earth fully aware that it is our responsibility what we choose?
What if, we came to this planet fully equipped with an internal guidance system, which would help us choose the best feeling experiences?
What if, the internal guidance system are our feelings; good feeling feelings means we are creating things we want, not so good feeling feelings means we are creating things we do not want?
What if the things we don't want are also useful?
What if these unwanted things help us know what it is we do want?
What if, all we have to do to have all we want; health,wealth,happiness and love, is to focus ONLY on what we want?
What if our thoughts are really so powerful that they do create our reality?
What if what we are thinking today is creating our future?
What if what we were thinking in the past has created our present?
What if we really do have a choice?
What if it is we who create our heaven or hell here on Earth?
What if............?