Friday, 19 March 2010

Change your Mind!

You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created the problem!

When you have something on your mind which is bothering you, it may seem a huge problem which seems impossible to fix.

Sometimes we need to see it from a different perspective. But finding the will to shift to that other perspective, when your mind is so perplexed with 'stuff' can be very difficult.

If you are a visual person following is a way to help you gain the perspective with ease:

1. Visualize putting your problems into a basket which is full of something you associate with pure love. It could be puppies, flowers, hearts, Angels.

2. Leave your problems with these loving beings, knowing that just by being in their presence, all the confusion and pain of the problem will just disappear.

3. When you feel ready, look back into the basket and take your 'problem' from amongst the Love.

4. If you still see the problem in the same way, you need to ask yourself whether you believe in this picture of love. If not, choose another image.

5. This time when you place your problems back into the basket with the love, be honest and ask for their help stating that you can't fix this by yourself.

6. When you look again in the basket, all you will see is pure LOVE.

Now you have a different perspective!

Your reference point being LOVE.