Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Have a Clear Out!

Spring is here!

What better reason to have a clear out?

Put things into one of three bin liners;

1. Things I want to keep.

2. Things that can be 'fixed'.

3. Things I need to throw out.

Put back what you are keeping in a neat fashion. Do it with love, clean the item (yes even if is a tin of beans).

Make a point of 'fixing' those items that can be used. If you haven't done it by the end of the week - yes only a week - then get rid!

Throw the ones in the 'throw away' bin liner the same day, do not leave it lying around to gather dust.

Now, look at your cupboard, room, house, depending on what you have been clearing out. Does it need something to make it look better, fuller, more functional?

If so, choose items with care. Put thought into what you are bringing into that space. Run these choices through the following;

1. Do you LOVE it? (O.k if it's food for the cupboard ask, will you eat it, or will it just stay there until your next clear out?)

2. Is it functional? Again adjust your questioning to the situation. If it is a food cupboard, you could ask, 'Will it give me the vitamins I require or fill me with loads of empty calories?'

3. Does it work well with the rest of the items?

Job well done!

This brings in a rush of fresh energy and gives you the boost to tackle the trickier aspects of life, like having a clear out of your life!

One step at a time. Today, work on the external, when you are ready, you can work out on you.


  1. I love it! A 'clear out'. Perfect! That sounds so much more positive and motivating than 'cleaning out the closets' etc. This is really cool as is your advice on how to handle that 'oh but I may need it one day' syndrom. A Clear Out it is! Cool. Thank you

  2. Good luck! I'm off to have a clear out of my own - food cupboard here I come!! :)