Thursday, 22 April 2010

Energy abhors a Void!

Energy abhors a void!

I wish I could tell you where I read this, but it doesn't really matter, as this is the message I have been receiving everywhere I look lately.

As soon as I de-cluttered my blog, I was visited by new 'energy'. I have two new followers. I was amazed at how quickly the Universe answers when your intentions are clear.

Also, since that day, I have been feeling much more upbeat and full of hope. I even cleared my teenage son's room out today, from all the junk that has been festering for months.

I try to be blaze about the kids rooms and tell them if they want to live like pigs then it's their problem. But I can't do it indefinitely, I feel as if I am been suffocated by all the blocked energy.

I felt so exhilirated after getting rid of all the junk from his room. I even felt the fresh energy swoosh in. Now I understand what it means by the saying 'Energy abhors a void'. Where could the energy go with all that clutter?

So I have a de-cluttered blog, a de-cluttered sons room, I also feel I am becoming de-cluttered. I went to visit a careers advisor, as I needed help with tying all my skills and experiences in order to find additional employment.

I left the office with a clearer and positive outlook.

So, what are you waiting for? Energy is waiting to flow, what needs de-cluttering in your life???


  1. I wish I could de-clutter my mind this month but it is a tough month..but look out May, I will be spring cleaning everything including my mind!

  2. It all starts with being aware that you need to de-clutter, the rest follows whether we want it or not. : )