Sunday, 30 May 2010

Miracles of my discoveries!

I started this blog so I could share what I experience along my journey. I called it angel guided mentoring after putting the question 'out there' 'What shall I call my blog???'

The answer I 'received' was 'Angel guided'. I added the 'mentoring' as this is what I do - I mentor.

Why the need for this explanation??

I have had a 'kick' up the derriere these past few days. I have had a series of experiences which I believe have been 'angel guided' and at first did not think of them in this way.

I contribute to a blog called writers rising. Every so often I post something on the blog that I have also posted here.

I posted my article on 'Special Relationships', as I thought it had something important to share. I do get over zealous when I read something that lights my fire, and sometimes before letting it digest, I have a need to share it.

So, I did!

I received a comment on the writers rising from a lady who had not commented on my contributions before - Marilyn- It was not a complimentary comment, and if I had received this type of comment a few years ago, it would have paralysed me and pushed me back into my hole, where I would ruminate over the comment, dissecting each word, each letter, reading the worst into it.

But, I am not that person anymore, even though, I felt a twinge of a familiar emotion - strange I can't even think of the word.......bear with me......rejection!!!!

I truly could not remember the word, this happens a lot to me lately, may be I am becoming senile, or maybe words that don't have meaning for me anymore, stay dormant for a while.

Following is the comment from Marilyn;

but darling...what do you think? What are your ideas? We can cite others until we are blue in the face...where is the exploration of your journey and the miracles of your discoveries through what life has shown you. How does it all apply to you? What can you illustrate it with? Tolle has already written his work, his research...what is the your journey? That is were words separate from life...for each journey has its own shared purpose and knowledge along the way. We are the subject matter experts of our own lives...

After the initial sting, I sat up and took notice. This was not any message, this was an important message. Once my bruised ego got out of the way, I could see, hear and be. I was present!

I thanked Marilyn for her comment and went to my bed room and let out a wail. It came from somewhere deep inside a forgotten cavern. I thought my insides would come out from the heaving of my chest.

What was going on???

An angel had visited me - Marilyn's message was angel guided, it was genuine, heart felt and said with love. I felt no malice, no criticism, no judgment. I felt a tug at my heart and soul, to wake up, to come out from behind their hiding place, to be real and true.

All that I have written on this blog is heart felt, full of knowledge and insightful. It is from things I have learnt along my journey.

Marylin shone her light on what I still have in the dark, MY personal wisdom, MY 'miracles of discoveries'- they are many, and it is like my soul is giving me permission to share it's treasures.

It is painful, admitting the truth, but more painful not being true to your self. So I give thanks to Marilyn and to all the other angels in my life of the invisible and physical realm for helping me see this truth.

I will be sharing more of myself in my future posts. I will still be referring to what I have learnt, as this is who I am - I thrive on knowledge and 'need' to share it- but I will be applying it to my experiences and sharing MY wisdom.

I hope this will ignite the spark in others who in turn can share their truth too.

With love and light

Christina - angel guided x

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