Monday, 20 December 2010

A White Christmas!

U.K is blanketed with snow. It is Christmas week and seen in a traditional Bing Crosby Winterland it is exciting that we will have a white Christmas. This idea of a white Christmas bothers me though (I digress) If Jesus was born in the hot climes of Israel, where does snow fit in? I am sure it doesn't snow in those parts of the world at Christmas times.

Back to my musings on UK being blanketed with snow, on Christmas week. This year I have left my Christmas shopping to the last minute, I am not particularly stressed about it, but I now have the added problem of snow stopping me whizz round the shops. I have to wait for my partner to take me in his Land Rover, which ploughs effortlessly through any terrain.

I could stand in the cold, waiting for a bus that may or may not come. But, I am not that desperate or willing to get frost bite. So, what I usually do when I have too much time at hand, I start to look at things in more interesting ways. Maybe, this is called inner sight, clear vision, or just something I have developed out of being easily bored.

Watching the News this morning, there was a clip of an angry 'Gentleman' very irate, at Heathrow Airport, not been told when he will be able to fly to Australia. He was incensed that there was not enough information at what was happening.

I tried to be sympathetic, but then (after a second of forced sympathy) I screamed at the T.V, 'It's the weather, you can't blame the information desk, the weather is a force you cannot control.'

After my little rant, my thought juices were running free, and I felt saddened at how humanity is so 'me', 'me', 'me'. It is Christmas, a time of peace and love and there is little seen around us.

But on saying that, I have seen some wonderful acts of kindness in the roads of Birmingham UK. There have been people struggling in their cars and other motorists have been jumping out of their cars to give them a push.

So, the snow coming on Christmas week, is it an inconvenience, or is it a time to get back into our hearts?

I looked back at my blog post for last year's Christmas and I find it fitting to end with the conclusion I wrote last year,

'I, on some 'soul' level have made peace with all the other Christmas' in the past and come to some acceptance, that this is a day where we need to be fully present. Maybe that's what giving presents mean, and also receiving them. It is about being in the moment, the here and now. Savouring the happy moment(s) and for that moment in time being transported to the real meaning of Christmas - Love, peace and gratitude!

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and a Prosperous New Year full of abundance for all


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