Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year 2010


A new year, a new decade, a new world!

2009 has gone and with it has the past of the year and the past of a whole decade -Wow!

I sat yesterday and contemplated what 2009 meant for me and what I have gained and what I have lost. I listed all my achievements in my personal endeavours and I looked back at how the suffering and pain has been instrumental in propelling me foward.

I thanked both the positive and negative aspects of the year and felt cleansed, renewed and whole and ready for what the New Year has in store for me and the world.

I feel anticipation and excitement for what 2010 will bring for all of us. I am realistic enough to know that much of the same will happen but I also feel deep in my bones that we all have much more personal power in how we want our reality to be.

It is time to stop the blame culture, the victim mentality, the walking wounded attitude and stop being a follower. It is time to take our own lead and look deep inside our own hearts and take responsibility for our present and future.

Today is the 1/1/2010, it is the first day of the next decade, sit down and write how you want your life to look like. What are you waiting for?

2010 bring it on !!!!!!!!

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