Saturday, 23 January 2010

In with the NEW, out with the OLD

One of my favourite examples I have heard used to explain how to use new thinking, is;

'You wouldn't look in the garbage to make today's dinner, so why look in the 'garbage' (old ways, stale thoughts) of your mind to live today.'

It is difficult to change a life time habit or way of living, but it can be done. What is different right now in these new times, is that it is 'easier' to shift into new thinking because we are made to feel very uncomfortable if we insist on using old ways.

What does this mean????

In my INTEGRATING post, I wrote about BE-ing, I was guided to do that - BE!
I was doing well for a while and I was enjoying just BE-ing present. But life gets in the way, I had to clean the house and cook the dinner, which is all good, but my body and mind were saying,

'Take it easy, you don't have to do it right now!'

I listened to my body for as long as I could, but my mind was giving me my 'shoulds'so I started my work. I finished just in time for the kid's return. Anyway, I fed them, and decided to do some more 'work' against my body and mind's screams to stop and listen to what I was supposed to hear.

There was tension in the air, son was not a happy bunny about something, but it was too late, we clashed and the impact sent me in a spin where I had to flee to the sanctuary of my room.

What's all that got to do with Be-ing and old thoughts and new thoughts etc?

I needed the time-out to re-centre, BE and integrate and literally do nothing. I liken it to when the computer is scanning for problems and you try to use the computer whilst it's scanning, it works slowly and inadequately and it usually crashes and you need to re-boot it to work.

I CRASHED and I needed re-booting!!!

From what I am reading in Karen Bishops alerts (see my favourite blogs) and my friend Angela Goffe's blogs, the energy we are living in now is NEW. We cannot function within our OLD ways.

When you try to do things how you used to do them it doesn't work, you don't work and your system CRASHES!!!

Quick way to re-boot:

1. Remove self, if you cannot physically remove yourself, just close your eyes.

2. Put your hand over your heart.

3. Breath in

4. Breath out

5. Do this until you feel calm

Sometimes you may need more than just the above, like in my case above. The more sensitive you are the more affected you become, so be vigilant in listening to your body and mind.

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  1. I am going to remember to try this technique! Hey, I tried to read your article you linked to in my comments but it didn't lead me to your story! Keen to read it?