Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I have learnt an important lesson over the past few days. When you want something to happen and you are pushing and going against the grain, nothing comes your way.

When you release expectation and get into the flow, miracles can happen. You may not even realize it as a miracle, depending on what your perceptions are of miracles.

Miracles can be those amazing situations where through all adversity a positive outcome so amazing happens, which leads you to believe it can only be created by God.

Miracles happen all the time and we pass them by as just a coincidence, or imagination because they are not big or amazing enough to be classed as a miracle.

Notice the miracles around you, start with the dawning of a new day and the sunset at the end of the day. The snow drops, the dew, the wind and the rain. Why do we not see these as miracles?

When my mood dips and I feel alone I do not notice what is around me. The snow is a nuisance, the rain is just wet and the wind messes my hair. I don't care much for the sunrise, other than it is another day dawning full of the same problems. I gladly wait for the sunset as it signals the end of another 'terrible' day.

Amongst all this low feelings something happens. You may not notice it at first, because you are so wrapped up in feeling terrible. Then out of the blue, you receive the e-mail you were waiting for or a friend or even someone on T.V. says something that pulls at your heart strings which stirs something wonderful inside.

You may not correlate the feeling with what was said at first, your friend may not have been consciously aware of it either, but what has just happened is a miracle. A moment in time when you feel connected and not alone.

Of course, this may not be enough to get you out of your low mood, but it may help you to notice all the other miracles around you. You may notice the hues of the sunrise, the beauty of each snowflake, the freshness of the wind.

Miracles are normal occurrences, just because we don't notice them doesn't mean they are not happening!


  1. Absolutely. When I am 'present in the Now,' I notice the "Universe winking at me" continually - when I am dwelling in my head, letting my reality consist of abstractions rather than the actual moment, life just kind of slips by.

    (You might enjoy two posts I made during June of last year, "Cultivating Randomness & Trusting Intuiition" and "Secrets of Synchronicity")

  2. I enjoyed your posts. I like the concept of randomnless, it is like saying to God/source, 'not my will but your will', and see what unfolds.