Thursday, 21 January 2010


The saying, 'The truth hurts' is so 'true'.

We create so many ways, distractions, excuses, situations to avoid the truth. This is not about telling a lie this is about living a lie. So this will involve lying not only to others but yourself.

I am frequently been presented with situations and even people who play out a scene that at the time is hurtful and painful but in the 'bigger picture' sense is a message for me to do something about IT.

What is IT?

It is whatever you are lying to yourself about. For example, I have for many years due to conditioning as a child, my character and maybe even karma, have believed that if you are 'good' you must suffer. Against my natural feelings of, 'No! this is not right!' I 'allowed' certain things to happen.

My belief that the 'good suffer' kept me going believing that I will be 'saved' or rewarded when I die. What a morbid thought. I was not overly religious to think this way but growing up with a Greek Orthodox background, whether you believed or not these beliefs just seep in. Being an over sensitive child made the belief to take roots.

When Mum died in 2005 I was left not only bereaved from losing her, but also with some beliefs that did not make sense. I didn't care if she was to be rewarded now she had died. I didn't think that she was good because she had allowed herself to be a doormat. I was ANGRY!! with her, with God and with whoever made up this 'the good suffer' lie.

I had already intellectually started chipping at the belief for a number of years, but energetically, the belief hung over me like a disease. I helped Mum to leave this world by helping her release any unforgiveness and to be as comfortable as possible.

But one thing I did not do was really listen to her. She was trying to tell me something, her TRUTH! But instead, I took on the 'the good suffer' attitude and dismissed it and told her to release all that stuff.

Who was I to disallow her to express her truth, however painful this was for me. She had to tell me certain things that she wanted me to know and I preferred to shut my ears because I did not want to make her upset (so I reasoned, I didn't want to get upset)

Four years on and the TRUTH is knocking at my door again. It has shown it's face by been presented by things my kids may say to me where It reminds me of something I may have said to my Mum when I was young. It has been presented to me through keeping away from family who I cannot bear to be near anymore because......they are presenting the TRUTH!!

At the time I think, 'I don't want to be near them, they are so negative!' (I have since convinced myself that the good don't suffer, but avoid suffering, one extreme to the next) So I have avoided them.

But now, with whatever is happening in our evolution, the TRUTH will not be pushed, avoided, ignored any longer. You have to face it, listen to it and do something about it, even if it is just acknowledging it.

So, with this realization, even though it may cause upheaval, upset and maybe tears, this year is about TRUTH! All the lies that we have been telling ourselves and playing out to others need to be faced NOW!!!!!

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