Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Big Freeze

'The Big Freeze'

The tabloids, newspapers, news, the whole of U.K. is talking about the 'Big Freeze'.
The children have been off school for the past week, public transport is trying to plough through the snow and stay on the slippery roads, whilst we (the whole population of U.K) are stocking up on necessities.

Again, yesterday on one of my numerous grocery shopping treks, I was overpowered by the sheer madness (people being mad with everyone else)of people getting their shopping done. It was Christmas shopping all over again.

I took sneaky look into people's trolleys thinking I would see tins of food and dry food (good for when you are snowed in),instead I saw luxuries - chocolates, cakes and wine.

Of course, there were trolleys with the weekly shop, but all in all the mad rush was not for real food but for comfort food.

What is really going on in snow covered U.K?

I like to see things symbolically. Why? Maybe because reality is so boring, but mainly because that is how I am wired, i.e. to see the bigger picture. It doesn't mean that what I 'see' is the real picture, but I like to see things from all sides.

So my interpretation of the Big Freeze is:

1. DISTRACTION -Christmas is over and the New Year is here, we need something to distract us from having no money and a huge debt due to the holidays.

2. NEW YEARS RESOLUTION -We may be housebound, or even taking more time to travel to work. This allows us time to reflect on things we may not have time to think about. May be we can tweak our New Year Resolutions here.

3. COVER UP -Everything looks lighter blanketed in snow. It can give us a chance to look at what is hidden under the cover.

4. FORGIVENESS - Freezing temperatures allows situations to be frozen in time, again in order to think about things and not rush into decisions. Or to 'freeze' situations that have been taking place in your life and let them go.

5. CLEAR OUT -If you are at home it can give you a chance to have a clear out, fix that shelf, take care of any unfinished business in all areas of your life.

6. REALITY CHECK -Notice how much time we waste moaning, complaining, blaming. Whose fault is it that there is not enough grit, gas, the kids schools being shut?

7. NEW WAY FORWARD-To think how we really want 2010 to be like for us and our children. Do we want our children growing up in a blame society, in a culture where they are being covered in cotton wool, where we are followers and wait for someone to tell us what to do?

As I said, it's just a different way of seeing things, not better or worse just different. What do you think? That's what matters for you!!!

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