Wednesday, 13 January 2010


It's snowing again and the kids are home since schools are shut due to 'adverse conditions'.

I wonder what they do in countries where it snows most of the year, do kids stay home until the spring????

Ranting over, I will try and see this with my 'bigger picture' vision:

1. It's still snowing, so are we being given more time to 'purify' our intentions?

2. Things are still not running smoothly, is it because things need to change?

3. The children are home, is it so that your patience can be tested? (lol!)

4. The roads are slippery, are we being made to 'drive' slowly, to take more notice of what we're doing?

I could go on and on, but you get the jist of it.

What is going on for you?

Personally, I am in the process of 'purifying' my intentions. I am writing a book about grief based on first hand experience of losing my mum four years ago.

'Our' book (I say our book because I feel it is being co-written by my Mum's soul) is in the evolving stage. It is growing as I am guided(by Mum?!) to write about how my Mum's departure has made me have to go back to my inner self and look at things from a different view point.

I express the grief felt whilst I was caring for her in the last months of her life, where she was bed-ridden. I express the loss of the role as daughter where our roles where reversed where I was Mum and she was my child.

But more importantly, I express how we journeyed together through this process and whilst I was helping her come to terms with unfinished business, my soul was doing the same, whether I was ready or not.

So, whether the road is slippery, or our patience is being tested, we are being shown that by taking time to look 'inside' we can find out what we really want to do.

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