Monday, 28 December 2009


I 've been quite 'ill' for over a week now. I was hoping to write a post for the Winter Solstice which was on the 21st December, as I knew it has important meaning for how things are progressing in the world, but I was physically made unable (through being snuffly in bed). It made me realize that what I really needed to do was NOTHING!

We equate progress with doing something. If we are not running around like head less chickens we feel that we are not moving forward. For instance with Christmas, everybody was running and running trying to buy presents, food for the celebration, every one on overdrive, wound up to the full, ready to spin off into oblivion.

I felt all the tension and resentment in the shops from everyone. It was uncomfortable and unnerving. It made me wonder why we even bother with Christmas any more. Why do we put ourselves through this gruelling process if we don't even stop to think what Christmas even means anymore?

For the few who still believe that it is the birth date of Christ and a Christian celebration, I am sure there is some solace in the dark nights of shopping and preparations. But for the multitude who do not believe in Christ or have forgotten why we have Christmas in the first place, what is this running around for?

Is it so that we can spend time with family? Family we don't see often and don't necessarily get on with? Is it so that we can have another excuse to get drunk, eat to excess and moan the next day (or year) how horrible our relatives are and how much money we have spent and how sore our head is?

I had a reasonably nice time this year, I don't know why, since we still did the same thing - shop, travel to family, give presents etc, but I felt an inner peace even if around me there seemed the same chaos.

I, on some 'soul' level have made peace with all the other Christmas' in the past and come to some acceptance, that this is a day where we need to be fully present. May be that's what giving presents mean, and also receiving them. It is about being in the moment, the here and now. Savouring the happy moment(s) and for that moment in time being transported to the real meaning of Christmas - Love, peace and gratitude!

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