Thursday, 10 December 2009

All is one

I have been reading Caroline Myss's work for some time now and receive her newsletters. Myss uses the energy system of the chakras to explain how we use or lose energy and how we are connected to everything around us as well as within us.

In the most recent newsletter she introduces the work of a writer called Ellen Gunter who writes about environmental issues and how we are all affected by it and how we can all do our part in helping out.

At the moment the Copenhagen talks are about the planet and global warming, and I feel a little guilty and irresponsible at how easily I dismiss the talks as, 'not my problem' and switch channels on the T.V. to watch some meaningless diversion.

Whose problem is it? Is it the politicians problem? The businesses that pollute the world? The doctors who have to deal with the effects on people from the pollution? Or is it each and every one's problem?

I went for healing a few years ago and I was suffering from very low self esteem and felt used and abused. The healer said to me, 'Remember without a YOU there is not an US, referring to my relationship between myself and my family. This applies to the earth, without the earth we, humankind cannot exist.

Therefore like my healer told me I needed to look after myself, in order to be o.k. for my children and partner, WE need to look after the planet in order for it to look after us.

Ghandi says this perfectly, ' Be the change you want to see'.

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