Thursday, 17 October 2013

Symbolism -How what you are doing, is telling you what is REALLY going on!!!!

I love symbolism, I love how looking at things in a different way can show you what is really going on!

For example,

How procrastination is really showing you that you are resisting change, avoiding success or fear of failure.
How being late is really showing that you are fighting authority, not believing in the flow, or not sure about yourself.
How not getting the job, really means you don't really want the job, being indecisive, not setting your intentions or there is something better out there for you.

But how do you know what your actions or situations are really symbolising?

It takes practice and a change of perception. It takes a belief in the premise 'that all is connected'.

Nothing is separate, random or a coincidence.

Everything happens for a reason. And that reason is sometimes not clear, sometimes it isn't meant to be.
But there is always a message that can be unscrambled, a hint, a guide in your actions or situation.

That's where symbolism comes in,

For example, the other day I received a call for a job in Old Oscott hill in Kingstanding.

  • I left  home without the power connection to the Sat Nav
  • I had no time sheet
  • No petrol
  • no idea where the place was
  • traffic diversions made worse by me trying to override the Sat Nav (I'd gone home and found the power connection)
  • I was late
Eventually I had to call my agency and let her know that I wouldn't make it on time. Another person was called in to take my place and I went back home, feeling quite relieved.

Once  home  I looked at what had happened with a symbolic eye. I realised I had  helped in sabotaging the event.  I didn't really want to go,

 I had given my power away (no power connection). I was giving my time away (no time sheets), I was feeling lethargic (running on empty). Confusion, not having a clear direction (not knowing the route). Not trusting (overriding Sat Nav).

I took it further and looked at the actual address,
Old Oscott hill is an old hill , in history being a mound. Was I trapped in the past, with a 'mound'full of stuff?

Kingstanding, King - Authority, Standing - firm, stable. Was I rebelling authority.

I wanted more control in my life, in my employment.

If anything, looking at your life through a symbolic eye can be fun.

If you want help with unscrambling your happenings, let me know...

In my next blog I will make a general list of meanings for situations, feelings and thoughts.

Happy unscrambling!

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