Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Moon, New Year 2014

2014 is a special time!

There will be clarity and unity for all. Unfortunately, there will be some who will not feel this.
No amount of fighting, manipulating, saving or guiding will help them. Clarity will be available for all but many will not be ready to see what it shows up. Some will not be able to face the truth preferring to stay in darkness and illusion. Each person must be allowed to make their own choices at this time. The ones who want to live in the light of truth will seek others who are living it also, or who are able to assist them. The ones who continue to see strife, conflict and revenge will feel more stress, anxiety and despair.  There will be more compassion and love available for all, hearts will be opening, people will seek to unite rather than separate. There will be more opportunities for building up communities, sharing and caring.

Lots of love and joy


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