Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Angel reading for first week of September

What do the angels tell us for the beginning of September?

Time Out!!

It's time to slow down and take care of ourselves.

Find ways to relax, take it easy.

Our inner child is yearning for some TLC.

Take a nap, go and play, gain some new energy. This will usher in new positive energy to help us be more efficient and productive.

With this new energy we will be available to others. We cannot help others if we do not look after ourselves.

The angels are urging us to love ourselves, forgive ourselves, sort out ourselves out.

We are not alone though!

When we pray or ask for Divine assistance we are urged  to listen to the our Divine guidance which are those repetitive thoughts and feelings, visions, dreams or auditory messages.

Know that God and the angels are working with us to make the changes we need!!!

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