Thursday, 29 August 2013


The angel guidance for mid week is JOY!!!!

'Joy is our natural state.'

Just ponder on this statement for a minute... yes, joy is our natural state. So when we are not feeling joy there is something unnatural going on.

How can that be? I hear you all shout! (along with my critical mind) 

Notice how it feels when a baby smiles at you. However 'not in joy' you are, a smile spreads begrudgingly across your face.

It is contagious! The more you smile, the more the baby smiles, that feeling of  'everything is good in the world' sweeps through your being.

We are so tuned into feelings of misery, doom, gloom that we pass by the evidence of good. 

For example, the News bombards us constantly with pain and ends with a little antidote at the end to make us feel better. But what most of us don't realize is that what we see, hear and are surrounded with becomes our reality. In other words, our beliefs are shaped by them.

Back to joy!

Following are a few ways to jump start your natural state of being in joy!

  • En-joy whatever you are doing, whether it is washing the dishes or making a cake
  • look at things with new eyes, switch from looking for the worst to looking at a better way
  • spend more time in nature, and really look at what is around you.
  • listen more to what your loved ones are saying, be compassionate instead of annoyed
  • instead of worrying, do something that about it, if you can't, find something else to do
  • be thankful for all you have, this means everything, acceptance comes before change
  • and if all else fails, SMILE!!!!!!!!!!
En-joy your day xx

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