Monday, 26 August 2013


OK, I am taking the advice from the angels and finding things to be grateful for. I started to make a list in the morning,

  • Lovely, warm, comfy bed
  • my children are well
  • I am well
  • my partner loves me
  • I am alive
  • still on holiday
  • beautiful cat
  • have enough money
  • have a car
  • can look OK (if I make an effort!)

Then I got stuck! I found it more and more difficult to find reasons to be grateful. I found my mind going to reasons to NOT be grateful and boy did the list fill up pretty quickly.

Most of us are on default to misery! We mean well, we try the positive thinking and even tell ourselves off when we have a bad thought.

If we are on default for misery it is very hard to jump to joy and impossible to find things to be grateful, when our radar is picking up signals for doom!

What if we write more things to be grateful, will it make us feel grateful?

Could do, but the vibration of doom is so strong that it will entice you back.

Let's analyse some of my reasons on my list and see where the thought is coming from. Whether it is coming from my default setting or from true gratitude:

  • My lovely, warm, comfy bed
Well, I was still in my bed and was feeling comfy, so I guess I was feeling true gratitude for this

  • My children are well
On first inspection this is gratitude, but further investigation shows that it is riddled with worry. Default setting of misery :(

  • have a beautiful cat
This is pure gratitude as there is nothing else it could be

  • Have enough money
Could be gratitude but where is it coming from? A place of worry or a place of thankfulness?

Am I making too much of this Gratitude stuff? 

Yes I am. I am just trying to show how our default thinking can sabotage our intentions on being happy.

The good thing is, the more you practice being grateful, the easier it is to feel it!

Thank you xxx

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