Monday, 17 January 2011

What is Reality?

There is a programme on T.V. right now on BBC 2 in UK called 'HORIZON: What is reality?' It is very Quantum Physics and I am trying to keep up with all the science. Basically, what the programme is trying to show is that our reality is not what it seems. What science does is 'kill' reality to find what reality is. They go to the very core, i.e. they break up the Universe to matter; the protons, neutrons etc. to find how the Universe and us and all of what exists, is built.

Cosmologists have the theories of parallel worlds, that we are also living other lives on other worlds, not somewhere far away but millimeters away. The paradox of quantum reality, when a photon splits, creates a parallel world slightly different from the next. Whatever our senses tell us about reality we only experience a tiny bit of what is going on.

'Quantum reality is powerful it has created our computer age, we understand stars, colour of gold.' A scientist, Steven Hawkins did some work on black holes, created when a great star dies. Professor Lenny Susskind met Hawkins to learn about black holes but he learnt something else- about reality.

Hawkins suggests that black holes eventually disappear, with everything in it. Information will be lost too. Hawkins's lecture sent Susskind on a mission to disprove this, and so he went to learn more about black holes.

If you get too close to a black hole you are lost. Susskind did research on this for 12 years. One day in the physics department he saw a hologram and he could see the 3d structure. He thought that maybe the horizon of the black hole is like a hologram.

He thought that all 3d can be encoded into 2d so then that means that the whole of reality is a hologram, way out in the boundary of the universe. Our 3d reality is then an illusion projected from the outer regions of the universe.

So what is going on? What is happening with science is a realisation that maybe science is not the answer, but it is very close to understanding what the answer is. What spiritual beliefs already hold true about the Universe are coming close to what the science is finding out to be true. Spiritual Truth is Universal it seems!

Note: As I was typing this blog as I was watching the programme, I may have got the names not quite right, or even the theories. I just want to show that what we think is reality is something we may never understand, but science has and is still trying to work out. It seems that Science is meeting up with Divine truth and all we need to know is that all is an illusion, all but one essential Spiritual Truth - only Love exists!

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