Monday, 10 October 2011

Let it Begin!

The new energies are coming in thick and fast. Whatever needs to go has to go. It can be painful, somethings do not want to go, somethings are so deeply entrenched that they have morphed into you, taking over your personality and clouding the real you.
But hold on tight and trust!
This time is different,
This time is the end of time
This time is a time of no time of new bginnings.

Take a deep Breath and buckle your seat belts. Maybe you can really let your hair down and go bare back, no seat belts. Be FREE!

It will get ugly, frightening and sometimes you will get drawn into the drama. Let go!
Allow what is happening,
Breathe some more.
You are being taken care of, whatever may be happening, TRUST some more, have faith, BE!

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