Monday, 16 May 2011

Think Love!

The angels answer my question on how to deal with 'the runaway stream of life' - life happens and sometimes we get lost in the 'tumultuous rivers'. Following is their message;

'Be still child, when tumultuous rivers run over you, BE STILL!

Do not fear, you will not be washed away.

Your true essence will remain intact.

BREATHE and this will be the signal for us to throw you the tow line.

Hold on to it, hold on tight, with your thoughts of love.

Do not allow thoughts of dread and blame take over, for once you let them in you will lose your grip. You will be then taken by the illusion of the river running down the mountain, with its fury and blame.

Once you are in the sea of fire, you cannot do anything but PRAY and weather the storm.

You are safe though, we will be guiding and protecting you no matter what.

But, we cannot make you choose which thoughts you think.

So, THINK LOVE and you will be saved from the scathes and scratches of the runaway stream of life.

Angels with love and jubilation.'

Much love Christina xx

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  1. Have you taken the summer off? Please stop by and say hello when you get the chance!